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8 Lantern Chandelier Lighting Tricks That are Worth Trying

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:15
8 Lantern Chandelier Lighting Tricks That are Worth Trying

Typically crafted of wrought iron, aluminum, or copper, lantern chandeliers are popular amongst designers and homeowners owing to their classic appeal. With the resemblance to the old-timey oil lanterns in the streets, they can serve as both ambient or decorative lighting and will blend seamlessly into residential spaces ranging from living room, dining room, bedroom, or kitchen. Exposed bulbs that sit inside their airy cages radiate lovely, gorgeous light rays across the walls, instantly transforming your space. To bring a hint of history to your living space, scroll on to see different lantern chandelier lighting tricks that will help you out.

1Lantern Chandelier

1.  A Hexagonal Cage Adds Unexpected Flair.

Sporting a hexagonal lantern, the antique lantern chandelier is sure to be noticed. Four candle sticks are encased within the open hexagonal cage and supported by arched arms. Finished in ochre brown, the breezy open frame allows the lovely light rays to shine through and cast intricate shadows. The lantern is topped with six curvy arms that round out the design with an artistic, dramatic decorative impact. The light fixture, the sepia armchairs, and the burnt umber wood floor bring warmth to the living room with their neutral hue. The area rug, the armchairs, and the chandelier flaunt elegant geometry and introduce a sense of movement to the space. Being paired with a modern french navy area rug and a modern floor lamp, the vintage armchairs, the retro sofa, and the antique chandelier achieve a transitional aesthetic.

2Lantern Chandelier

2.  A Dodecagon Silhouette Makes the Chandelier an Instant Eye-catcher.

The drama is taken up a notch in this living room when the dodecagon silhouette makes the lantern style chandelier an instant eye-catcher. Twelve rectangles are put together to constitute a dodecagon lantern. Six of rectangles are curved and fitted with seeded glass panels while the rest of them are adorned with a rhombus in the middle. Six candelabra-inspired lights stand in front of the seeded glass panels and deliver soft light effects. The table, the sideboard, the drapes, and the door pick up on the colors of its black finish. The warm ground tinctures such as beige and burlywood and the colors of the sea highlight the modern Mediterranean style in the room. The green plants serve to bring the outdoors inside and give the room a truly unique look.

3Lantern Chandelier

3.  A Lantern Globe Chandelier Enhances the Beachy Appeal.

A globe chandelier, the wood furniture, the wood floor, the wood-clad walls, and other wood decors lend a relaxed, easy vibe to the dining room with their natural accents. The wood lantern chandelier boasts over thirty wood veneer strips that form a lantern-like setting with the resemblance of an elegant one-piece shade. The wooden globe shade surrounds a single exposed bulb that will disperse a charming glow while casting soft linear shadows. Its burlywood finish conveys a hint of rusticity to the space. A similar hue also appears in the the wood furniture, the wood floor, the wood-clad walls, and other wood decors. The light fixture, the French navy woven dining chairs, and the sky blue chair, the green plants, and the crisp white ceiling enhance the beachy appeal of the dining room.

4Lantern Chandelier

4.  A Mix Of Three Finishes Introduces a Note of Whimsy.

The dining room lantern chandelier’s canopy, hanging rod, arms, lampholders, and bottom accent are coated in a warm brass finish, elevating the decor with a glint of glamour. The lantern is composed of four conjoining trapezoid open frames that are designed to house four scrolling arms and four candle sticks. Two of the trapezoid frames sport a pineapple yellow finish while the rest of the frames are finished in shamrock green. A mix of three finishes encompasses both metallic shimmer and a vibrant twist, yet maintains a retro edge. Its warm brass finish blends well with the gingerbread wood tone of the dining table, the dining chair, and the wood floor. The light fixture, the artwork, the containers, and the tableware scatter the presence of energetic hues throughout the dining room.

5Lantern Chand

5.  Intersecting Arched Frames Develop a Strong Visual Presence.

This bedroom gets its unique character from the lantern chandelier suspending right above the bed. The light fixture features an airy lantern consisting of three intersecting arched metal frames. They surround four candle-style lights supported by short metal arms. The cage, the arms, and the bobeches are fashioned with a semigloss black finish, which provides contrast to the white candle-style lights and the white ceiling. The chandelier shows off the classic black-and-white color combo to add eye appeal. Its white candle sticks mimic the colors of the ceiling, the door, and the bedding. The terra-cotta tiles, the beige walls, the beige drapes, the beige lampshades of table lamps, and the cushions in navy blue or terra-cotta enliven the space with a fun pop of colors and underscore the Mediterranean appeal.

6Lantern Chand

6.  A Playful Piece Serves as the Premier Focus of the Space.

Inspired by the ancient astronomy armillary spheres, the round lantern chandelier rocks the bedroom with its intriguing design. Two crisscross wooden rings finished in sepia convey a farmhouse feel and provide an appealing visual interest. The crisscross spheres encompass four curvy arms and four candle-style lights that spread a stunning, soothing glow throughout the room.

You can get a slightly different look of the chandelier to go with your design scheme simply by adjusting the rings. The wall decor behind the bed and the patterns on the cushions also carry its rounded accent. The multi-colored area rug, the floral-patterned drapes, the cushions in cerise, baby blue, and mint green, and the coral lampshades of table lamps liven up the neutral color palette with a punch of daring colors and convey a welcome burst of energy.

7Lantern Chand

7.  Two-light Lanterns Beautifully Illuminates the Island.

Three lantern shaped chandeliers draw the eye upward to a beautiful display of glass and metal suspended above. The seeded glass dome shades are protected and held aloft by the simple lanterns fitted with arching metal bars. Encircled by the glass shades, two candelabra-inspired bulbs shed light across the kitchen island and create a fantastic lighting effect. Their lanterns in a natural bronze finish are highlighted by the seeded glass shades for a touch of nostalgia. The natural bronze finish perfectly complements the candle chandelier hanging above the dining area, the countertops, and the wood floor. The lantern chandeliers stand out against the white ceiling and the white cabinetry, and the beige walls, and the beige backsplash. The mahogany kitchen island with turned legs, the roller shades in baby blue and burgundy, and the bright-colored tableware pack a punch and offer luxe texture to the space.

8Lantern Chand

8.  Brushed Nickel Lanterns Pull the Room Together.

Nothing quite gives an instant texture boost to the kitchen like a trio of cubic lantern chandeliers. With a blend of modern style and the beauty of geometry, the chandeliers deliver a nice pop of brightness with their brushed nickel finish. Their cubic frames are softened by the sweeping arcs at the top and the curvy silhouette in each side of the cubic frames. The airy aesthetic of open-cage lanterns is heightened by a solid hub for the candelabra and the strong lines. Their gleaming brushed nickel finish is echoed by the cabinet pulls, the drawer pulls, the tapware, the containers on the countertops, and the table lamp stems, which is a good way to pull the room together. The Carolina blue cabinetry lends just the right amount of color to the space.


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