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9 Entryway Chandelier Ideas for a Strong First Impression

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:21
9 Entryway Chandelier Ideas for a Strong First Impression

Looking to light up your dark and dull entryway? We’ve got the best entryway chandelier ideas for you.


We’ll help you make a strong impression with a bright glow from stylish lighting on your entryway.

This round-up of entryway chandelier ideas covers the unique needs of different spaces, including:



    • Décor style: From mid-century to farmhouse and contemporary designs, these chandeliers will fit in with the theme of your home.


    • Illumination needs: The number of bulbs in the ideal chandelier for any entryway will depend on the size of the space.


    • Size: The size of the chandelier should correspond with the area of the entryway.


By picking the perfect chandelier for your space, you’ll not only awe your guests but the fixture will illuminate the space sufficiently.

So, let’s take a look at the best ones for your home.


Impressive Entryway Chandelier Ideas for Your Home

The light fixture on the entryway is the first thing people will notice when they enter your home. And depending on the design of your home, it can also be seen from the outside.

These entryway chandelier ideas will make your home feel more welcoming and help make a style statement.


1.Mid Century Pendant Lighting 4-Light Chandelier

Mid Century Pendant Lighting

At the top of our list of entryway chandelier ideas is an elegant 4-light mid-century pendant light chandelier.

It has an electrophoretic brass finish and four opal glass globes of different lengths that’ll fall elegantly over your hallway.

It’s simple and uncluttered, an excellent choice for a minimalist home design.

This fixture is compatible with four dimmable 40-watt E12-base bulbs



  • $189.00 and free shipping


2. Rustic Distressed Oak Wooden 6 Light Candle Chandelier

Rustic Distressed Oak Wooden

Greet your guests with a natural and earthy warmth with this oak chandelier.

It’s one of the best entryway chandelier ideas if you’re looking for a farmhouse design.

The fixture is made with insect-resistant distressed wood and rustproof metal in a candelabra-inspired design.

You’ll get plenty of illumination from the six 40-watt E12-base bulbs that face the ceiling.


  • $238.00 and free shipping


3. 5-Light Industrial Island Chandelier Cross Framed Trapezoidal Shade

Light Industrial Island Chandelier

This is one of the best entryway chandelier ideas to create a powerful first impression when people enter your home.

It has a geometric shape with criss-cross patterns that add character to the chandelier and also allow maximum illumination from the exposed bulbs. Additionally, the oil-rubbed bronze finish creates an aesthetically pleasing sight and improves your overhead lighting.

The chandelier accommodates five 60-watt E26-base bulbs that you can dim when the need arises. All you have to do is pair it up with a compatible dimmer and use dimmable bulbs.


  • $199.00 with free shipping


4. 3-Light Modern Drum Chandelier   

Light Modern Drum Chandelier

Glam up your entryway with this 3-light chandelier. It’s adorned in a metal drum shade enclosing a beige linen drum shade.

The striking linked oval design on the metal shade will spice up your entryway with a modern or transitional interior design.

The linen shade directs light downwards, which makes it one of the most practical entryway chandelier ideas that’ll light up the walking path. It also softens the light and gives out a warm, welcoming glow.

This chandelier is compatible with three 60-watt E26-base bulbs.


  • $189.00 with free shipping


5. Moravian Star Pendant Chandelier

Moravian Star Pendant Chandelier

An entryway chandelier cannot get any better than a seeded glass chandelier in the shape of a Moravian star.

This is one of the best entryway chandelier ideas that’ll catch the attention of your guests as soon as the door opens. Its geometric patterns are bound to make it a showstopper and the seeded glass would help emit a warm glow too.

This bold light fixture will also make a statement with its rich visual texture.

For this chandelier, it takes one 60-watt E26-base bulb to create the lovely glow you need in your entryway lighting.


  • $199.00 and free shipping


6. Rustic Wood Beaded Chandelier

Rustic Wood Beaded Chandelier

A unique design in vintage style, this wood beaded chandelier’s appeal is enhanced with a distressed silver finish and a tortilla hemp rope covering the metallic frame.

It’ll add dimension to your space and give it that old-school vibe you’ve always wanted.

The chandelier sports six bulbs facing upwards that give it an antique feel. You can use dimmable bulbs and a compatible dimmer to control the lighting intensity too.

It’s one of the best entryway chandelier ideas to brighten and add a bohemian vibe to your entryway.


  • $299.00 with free shipping


7. Metal Lantern Pendant Light Chandelier

Metal Lantern Pendant Light Chandelier

Enhance the interior design theme of your home with this industrial-style chandelier that boasts of an open cage shade and a semi-gloss black finish.

A cluster of candelabra-inspired lights with a touch of brass located in the middle of the cage adds to the elegance of this piece that can light up your entryway.

So, if you love vintage designs, this is one of the best entryway chandelier ideas. You should try to add an eye-catching focal point to your entryway.

It can hold four fully-dimmable 60-watt E12-base bulbs.


  • $145.00 with free shipping


 8. Distressed Wood Pendant Chandelier

Distressed Wood Pendant Chandelier

If you want to give your entryway a more vintage appeal, this is one of the chandelier ideas you should try. This antique wooden chandelier features an off-white finish and a timeless design.

It has an assembly of six up-lighting bare bulbs that’ll provide plenty of ambient lighting in your entryway. The bulb holders are given a finish that mirrors melting wax on candles too for a more realistic vintage look.

The bulbs are 40-watt E12-base bulbs and you can choose to use fully dimmable bulbs as well.


  • $349.00 and free shipping


9. Handmade Distressed Candle Chandelier

Handmade Distressed Candle Chandelier

This candle-style chandelier will welcome guests to your home with a farmhouse-meets-vintage vibe.

It features a wooden frame with beads and metal arms. The beads elegantly drape next to the light bulbs to give a regal effect.

The combination of rusty dark brown arms and a distressed sepia tan tone of the wood creates a strong and fascinating visual impact.

This makes it one of the best entryway chandelier ideas that’ll create a powerful glow while adding character to your space.

You can add six dimmable 40-watt E12-base bulbs to the chandelier.


  • $489.00 with free shipping


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you pick the best entryway chandelier ideas?

When picking from the best entryway chandelier ideas, pay attention to:


  • The size of the chandelier. It should be proportional to the space of the entryway. A large foyer would need bigger chandeliers


  • The décor style of your home


  • The intensity of light needed

However, if your ceiling is low, you might want to choose recessed lighting.

2. How do you pick an entryway light?

Here are the things you can consider while choosing an entryway light:


  • How far the chandelier will be above the floor


  • The visual appeal of the light fixture


  • How well it fits with the theme of your home


  • If the number of bulbs is enough for the size of your entryway


  • Height of the ceiling to decide between chandeliers, recessed lights, etc.

3. Does the entryway need a chandelier?

A chandelier is not a necessity for an entryway, but it’ll add a glam factor to your space. However, make sure you go with entryway chandelier ideas that fit the style and size of the space.

4. How high should an entryway chandelier be off the floor?

In a standard 8-foot ceiling, it’s recommended to have at least a 7 feet gap between the base of the entryway chandelier and your entryway floor. This gap can be increased to 8 feet if you’ve got a higher or vaulted ceiling.

5. Should I put a chandelier in my tiny entryway?

Yes. There are plenty of modest entryway chandelier ideas for small spaces. However, you must ensure the chandelier matches the décor style of your space and there is at least a 7 feet gap between the overhead light fixture and the floor.


Try Out Our Entryway Chandelier Ideas

Impressed with these entryway chandelier ideas?

Add these chandeliers to your entryway to create a lasting first impression on anyone entering your home. Choose the chandeliers well based on your home decor, entryway size, and ceiling height.

And if you need more light along the entryway, try fixing a few decorative and functional wall lights.


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