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6 Ceiling Lighting Ideas for Bedrooms You Need to Try

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:16
6 Ceiling Lighting Ideas for Bedrooms You Need to Try

Looking for ceiling lighting ideas for bedrooms?

Good thinking!

Lighting should never be an afterthought, least of all when it’s for your bedroom. After all, you likely spend maximum time in your bedroom. With the right kind of lighting, your bedroom can become a comfortable place to sleep, socialize, read, and relax.

In this post, we have put together 6 ceiling lighting ideas for bedrooms that are worth trying. Along with that, we will explain bedroom lighting essentials that you need to get right. Last, we share expert lighting tips that can save you a lot of hassle (and money) in the long run.

So, let’s get started.

6 Ceiling Lighting Ideas for Bedrooms Worth Trying

Whether you opt for modern ceiling lights or traditional chandeliers, light fixtures can transform the personality of your bedroom. Below, we have curated six ceiling lighting ideas that stand out for their style, durability, and efficacy. Check them out.

1. Go Quirky With Opaque Opal Glass Lights

In general, glass ceiling lights give a hint of elegance and radiance to your space. When you encase exposed bulbs in white opal glass globes, the effect is outstanding.

When hung solo, these lights look quirky and cute. They are perfect for illuminating small alcoves and bedside tables.

But when these lights are clustered together, they can light up expansive rooms while looking impressive at the same time.

Made of impurity-free glass and accented by arched arms, these lights grab attention instantly. Handcrafted, insect-proof, and rust-resistant, these light fixtures combine durability with style. It combines mid-century with contemporary effortlessly, giving your bedroom a modern yet classic appeal.

Opaque Opal Glass Lights

Image via Claxy

Want a pro tip?

For bedrooms, mood light is a must. So, opt for light fixtures with dimmer switches and dimmer bulbs. That way, you can dial down the lighting at night and dial it up when you're up and awake. We offer this feature in our entire range of ceiling lights.

2. Open-Cage Flush Mount Ceiling Lights for a Touch of Whimsy

Next in our roundup of ceiling lighting ideas is minimalistic open-cage ceiling lights. Less chunky than chandeliers, pendant lights with clean lines can give an uncluttered look to bedrooms.

These sophisticated light fixtures come in a host of geometric designs that grab attention in a big way. If you’re aiming for bright illumination in your living space, these airy designs are ideal.

Ceiling Lights for a Touch of Whimsy

Image via Claxy

Pair them with large exposed Edison bulbs to get focused task lighting for tasks like reading and writing.

What’s more?

When it comes to geometric designs, there's no shortage of ideas. Fan, spiral, cage, and dome are just some of the design options in the market today. You can mix and match different shapes to attain that bohemian look that’s all the rage these days.

3. Semi-Flush Industrial Ceiling Lights for a Rustic Vibe

For bedrooms, flush-mount ceiling light fixtures is one of the smartest ceiling lighting ideas. They are versatile, sleek, and functional - exactly what a bedroom should be like. When coupled with powerful overhead lamps, these lights help you achieve a perfect layered lighting solution.

Ceiling Lights for a Rustic Vibe

Image via Claxy

There's one more benefit of using industrial flush lights.

What’s that?

They are perfect for bedrooms with drop ceilings. Flush lights placed on the ceiling periphery can evenly illuminate all nooks of such rooms. Similarly, small flush lights arranged linearly are perfect for drawing attention to high ceilings.

Artsy folks can apply small track flush lighting to spotlight murals and wall paintings in bedrooms. That’s not all. You can enhance natural sunlight by using directional lights. One light, multiple uses - that’s flush lighting for you!

4. Tiffany Stained Glass Orbs to Add a Dash of Color

If gothic gets you excited, the glass orb is a ceiling lighting idea that will cater to your taste. With oil-rubbed brass tone, these medieval-style light fixtures will transport you to a time long gone by.

The colorful glass, made by copper foil technique, further adds to its charm and grace. Curved arms, arranged in a swirl design, triggers imagination big time.

Tiffany Stained Glass Orbs

Image via Claxy

Black-finished metal accents set off the color contrasts beautifully. The amber inverted shade looks unique and glamorous at the same time.

What else?

Bronze scrolling arms and bottom canopy look right out of the retro age. Utilize these classy lights to take your bedroom wall decor to the next level.

5. Drum Ceiling Lights With Organza Shade

If you’re striving for a dreamy look in your bedroom, what kind of ceiling lighting ideas should you look for?

Modern drum lights with translucent shades, of course!

These boho luminaries have a fabric shade mounted on an electrophoretic gold frame. Whimsical and contemporary, these light fixtures can be the piece de resistance of your living space.

Drum Ceiling Lights

Image via Claxy

If you want the regal look of crystal chandeliers but without the kind of maintenance they entail, drum chandeliers are your best bet.

For large bedrooms, chandeliers with multiple bulbs are most suitable. Opt for ones with easy-installation kits and guarantee against material defects.

6. Geometric Metal Chandeliers to Grab Eyeballs

Hand-crafted from semi-glossy metal, these statement chandeliers become the focal point of any room they adorn. The polyhedron shaped frame stands out in any setting. The combination of rustic and classy is irresistible.

Exquisite craftsmanship is not the only strongpoint of this design; it also gets full marks for durability and utility.

Geometric Metal Chandeliers

Image via Claxy

If you want to recreate boho chic in your bedrooms, opt for golden accented arms holding candelabra-style lamps. The gold finish and burnished fittings add to its industrial appeal.

The unusual design coupled with a raw finish has an unmatched charm.


1. What ceiling lights are best for bedrooms?

There are many great ceiling lighting ideas for bedrooms, top among them being opaque opal chandeliers, open cage lights, semi-flush industrial designs, and geometric metal lights.

No matter what design you choose, ensure that your bedroom lights are dimmable, functional, and power-efficient.

2. Where should a ceiling light be placed in a bedroom?

For even illumination, bedroom lights should be placed at least three to five feet apart. If the lights are small, you can use upto eight lights in an average-sized bedroom.

3. At what height should bedroom ceiling lights be placed?

For centerpiece chandeliers, the bottom should be at least 7 feet above the ground. If you plan to use recessed lights, space them evenly throughout the ceiling expanse. Since they are flushed, height is not much of an issue. Pendant lights have adjustable cords so they can be raised or lowered as required.

4. What kind of lighting is best for bedrooms?

Use layered lighting in bedrooms to get a perfect balance of ambient, task, and accent lighting. Mood lighting is another good-to-have light layer in bedrooms.

Want More Bedroom Ceiling Light Ideas?

There are countless lighting ideas for bedrooms but the six we’ve covered above stand out for their distinctive style. If you need yet more ideas, feel free to explore our catalog of bedroom-oriented lights.

And, if you find any great ideas, grab them real quick. We offer competitive prices, durable quality, and free delivery with standard deliveries. Shine on!


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