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Best Pendant Lights: Top 20 Picks for Your Home and Office

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:16
Best Pendant Lights: Top 20 Picks for Your Home and Office

Before we take a deep dive into the best pendant lights, here’s some food for thought:

When you first walk into someone’s home, exactly what happens?

Your eyes get acquainted with the lighting in that space. You notice whether the space is dimly lit, or is beaming with ample natural light.

Lighting is one of the main factors that set apart an inviting home from an unwelcoming one.

Given that, it’s pretty surprising that lighting is still overlooked when setting up a space.

Now, although there’s a dizzying number of lighting options to choose from, nothing adds personality to a space like pendant lights. Suspended from ceilings, pendant lights bring light down to places that need it.

How to Buy the Best Pendant Lights

While choosing the best pendant light, you’ll want to be mindful of certain things.


You don’t want your light to get lost in the vastness of your room. Or to overpower it. So, you need to work out the ideal width for your pendant light. A good rule of thumb is to add up the length and width of the room and divide the sum by 12.


One of the most common mistakes people make is to hang pendant lights too low. To choose the right height, multiply the height of your space by three, and divide the product by 12.


Figure out which type of lighting you’re after. If you want more of an ambient look, consider going for solid, opaque materials such as metal. On the other hand, for a good wash of light, open shades make for the best pendant lights.

The 20 Best Pendant Lights in 2021

Now, let’s take a look at the best pendant lights in 2021, that you will love for years to come.

1. Farmhouse Plug-in Pendant Light

Farmhouse Plug-in Pendant Light

Image Source - Claxy

Best for: A minimalist look

Price: $49.99 (free shipping)

Looking to add a vintage-inspired charm to your living space? Made from solid metal, this farmhouse plug-in pendant light is the perfect bridge between the ancient and the modern.

Hang it over your kitchen island, in your entryway, or even in your bathroom, for this work of art is durable and rust-proof. It exudes a beautiful pool of ambient light throughout your space, setting the vibe for a perfect get-together or even a quiet night in.

Pro tip: This pendant light is ideal for small, cozy spaces, and is a great way to add interest to an empty corner.

2. Moravian Star Pendant Chandelier

Moravian Star Pendant Chandelier

Best for: Adding a dash of glitz

Price: $145 (free shipping)

The Moravian star pendant chandelier is a great way to introduce a celestial vibe to your home. Dressed in a rich gold finish, this light is just the right balance between jazz and elegance. It comes with an adjustable chain as well as a compatible dimmer switch, meaning that you can suspend it wherever you like

Modest yet eye-catching, star pendant lights stand out even when they are turned off, thus doubling up as a showpiece.

Pro tip: Install several star pendant chandeliers over your dining table to make for a show-stopping experience.

3. 3-Light Metal Wire Diamond Shade

3-Light Metal Wire Diamond Shade

Best for: An industrial charisma

Price: $85 (free shipping)

Ever considered diamond pendant lighting? This dazzling pendant will be sure to shine when you turn on the switch.

Finished in oil-rubbed bronze, this work of art defines modern sophistication. All of the three cords are adjustable, which makes them functional for a variety of tasks. Besides, if you’re looking for value for money, nothing beats this 3-light combo.

Pro tip: Diamond pendant lighting works best in spots that are screaming for a hint of drama and intrigue.

4. Farmhouse Pendant Chandelier

Farmhouse Pendant Chandelier

Best for: Timeless elegance

Price: $99 (free shipping)

This farmhouse pendant light is just what you need to illuminate a quiet corner. Its clear glass shade allows light to shine through freely, without being too in the face. Moreover, this pendant light is widely touted for its easy installation—its smart design makes it fit for flat, sloped, as well as vaulted ceilings.

This cylindrical lamp is so versatile that it would look good in most rooms, but we believe it would truly stand out by the side of a bed.

Pro tip: If your space is big, group multiple pendant chandeliers together for enough light to fill up the room.

5. Seeded Glass Outdoor Porch Lantern

Seeded Glass Outdoor Porch Lantern

Best for: Outdoor spaces

Price: $59.99 (free shipping)

This seeded glass lantern is one of the best pendant lights for outdoor spaces. Yes, it’s 100% weather-resistant. The light is a great choice for those that want to boost their home’s outdoor aesthetics while playing it safe—one simply can’t go wrong with this fixture’s evergreen build and design.

The light’s shade is crafted from opaque seeded glass, keeping the icky heat and harshness from the bulb at bay. Although its height is about 11.5 inches, its drop can be easily extended to up to 62 inches.

Pro tip: Before buying this beautiful porch lantern, make sure your outdoor space can provide for the needed electrical connections.

6. Mid-Century Modern Globe Pendant Light Fixture

Mid-Century Modern Globe Pendant Light Fixture

Best for: Dimmable ambient lighting

Price: $69.99 (free shipping)

Warm light bulbs enclosed within elegant spheres? Yes, please!

This mid-century modern pendant light is unfussy, clean, yet chic. Its sleek design radiates a striking silhouette, and its glass shade injects a dose of texture into the space.

Although you can suspend this light fixture anywhere in your home, it blends in wonderfully in bathrooms. As if this wasn’t enough, the light also comes with an adjustable cord making it even more versatile and adaptable.

Pro tip: Suspend various globe pendant lights at various heights above your dining room table, for an artsy look.

7. Mini Bell Glass Kitchen Island Light

Mini Bell Glass Kitchen Island Light

Best for: A relaxing ambiance

You probably put a lot of thought into lighting up your kitchen space. It’s because the kitchen island is used for cooking prep, relaxation, homework, reading, and more—it’s one of the most versatile spaces in the house.

This mini bell glass kitchen island light will be sure to complement all these tasks perfectly. It is known for creating a relaxing ambiance no matter where it’s installed. And in case you’re wondering, its glass shade is heat resistant and pretty easy to clean.

Pro tip: Do up your kitchen space with black or earth colors to maximize the impact of these lights.

8. Industrial 9-Light Pendant Light

Industrial 9-Light Pendant Light

Best for: Living rooms

Price: $299 (free shipping)

How many pendant lights are too many pendant lights? This 9-light fixture will look absolutely dapper in your living space. Its lamp holders are done up in brass and flaunt a unique sense of character.

The price seems absolutely justified when you see just how beautifully it transforms any room into something eclectic. Besides, since the nine lights stretch out in different directions, the entire room lights up in an elegant glow.

Pro tip: Hang this pendant light in the center of the room so that the light gets distributed equally.

9. Industrial Mason Jar Plug-in Pendant Light

Industrial Mason Jar Plug-in Pendant Light

Best for: A quirky look

We’re all aware of the incredible versatility of mason jars. Turns out, they also make for the best pendant lights.

These industrial mason jar lights are both retro and quirky—a great combination, isn’t it? The jars are made from a clear grain, light-transmitting material thus giving off a warm glow throughout your space. And its 118-inch long cord makes it a breeze to adjust the pendant light to your desired height.

Pro tip: Install your mason jar pendant light in a room that’s popping with colors.

10. Metal Lantern Pendant Light

Metal Lantern Pendant Light

Best for: A dose of drama

Looking for lighting that will turn heads? This metal lantern with its semi-gloss black finish will do the trick. It shows off a rustic open cage that lets out ample light into the room.

What’s more?

Its hourglass-inspired design makes it look more like a piece of art than a source of light. From your bar to your bedroom to your patio, this lantern pendant light will look just fine anywhere.

Pro tip: If you want to add a tinge of drama into your living space, look no further than this light.

11. Industrial Bronze Pendant Light

Industrial Bronze Pendant Light

Best for: Price

Price: $43.99 (free shipping)

If you’re on the hunt for excellent value, this three-pack pendant light is what you need. It’s simple, elegant, and you simply cannot go wrong with it. Whether you suspend the three lights together or individually, they’ll emanate a welcoming glow across the room.

However, the main reason why these make the list of best pendant lights is their nostalgic design—we’ve all seen something like this before, haven’t we?

Pro tip: Opt for fully dimmable bulbs so that you can set the mood of the room depending on the time of the day.

12. Walnut Wood Frame Elegant Farmhouse Light

Walnut Wood Frame Elegant Farmhouse Light

Best for: A balance between earthy and industrial

Price: $79.99 (free shipping)

This pendant light is a great choice for those looking for more than just functionality. The light’s canopy, chain, lamp holder, and metal ring introduce a decorative element into the space.

Furthermore, because it features both metal and wood, it gives out earthy vibes whilst maintaining an industrial edge. At 61.2 inches long, this pendant light is perfect to be hung in a cozy corner or even in the stairwell.

Pro tip: Since these lights have a shabby chic appeal, place them in a room that’s relatively simplistic to balance things out.

13. Modern Kitchen Island 4-Light Pendant Lighting

Modern Kitchen Island 4-Light Pendant Lighting

Best for: Large kitchens

Price: $139 (free shipping)

This kitchen island 4-light pendant lighting replaces the need to suspend several different pendant lights. Its linear formation, frosted glass, and arched arms will create an attractive eye appeal no matter where you install it.

The light’s arched arms promise to give out a blend of targeted and ambient light. What’s more, the included adapter allows you to suspend the light even from a sloped ceiling, and its lamp holders are high-temperature resistant.

Pro tip: Pair the piece with some vintage finds and breathe life into your space.

14. Matte Black Industrial Metal Pendant Lights

Matte Black Industrial Metal Pendant Lights

Best for: Directional light

Price: $115 (free shipping)

These pendant lights can look vintage, industrial, or modern, depending on what you pair them with. The lamp’s shade features a striking contrast with a matte black finish on the outside and creamy white on the inside. The solid shade makes this piece perfect for task lighting since the light is projected down, instead of out.

It is also possible to adjust the brightness with fully dimmable bulbs, making this piece even more adaptable than it already is.

Pro tip: These matte black lights will truly stand out when set against a bright-colored wall.

15. Industrial Mini Glass Pendant Lights

Industrial Mini Glass Pendant Lights

Best for: A classy look

If you’re looking to glam up your space with some glitz, these industrial pendant lights are a great pick. The light is crafted from clear glass, which makes excellent light transmittance possible. The pop of brass keeps the light from skewing too industrial, making it a great fit for a variety of different spaces.

And for those who want to keep things extremely simple, the light is also available in black instead of brass.

Pro tip: For a classy look, install these lights in a room that’s done up in neutral colors such as black, white, grey, and brown.

16. Farmhouse Wood Pendant Lights

Farmhouse Wood Pendant Lights

Best for: A raw, earthy look

Price: $89 (free shipping)

Ever wished to add a farmhouse vibe to your decor? This wood pendant light makes it easy to do so. It's rectangular metal cage and wooden accent are the epitome of class.

Moreover, the interior glass cylinder shade completes the look with its industrial feel. The reason why this is one of the best pendant lights is that it sends across a gentle light throughout your space. And you can always play around with the dimmer if you want to make the room brighter.

Pro tip: Adding plants to your space is an easy way to maximize the impact of these farmhouse pendant lights.

17. Modern Globe Pendant Light

Modern Globe Pendant Light

Best for: A modern vibe

Is your room filled with edges and corners? If yes, this modern globe pendant light can provide a beautiful contrast to your space. Its atom-inspired design structure brings with it a level of geometric elegance.

But do you know the best part about this light?

You can loosen the screws, and adjust the four metal circles to get a slightly different look.

Pro tip: Install two modern globe pendant lights side by side for a touch of balance and symmetry.

18. Farmhouse Hanging Mason Jar Pendant Chandelier

Farmhouse Hanging Mason Jar Pendant Chandelier

Best for: Grouping together

Price: $169 (free shipping)

What’s better than one mason jar pendant light? Three of them!

This mason jar pendant chandelier suspends from a stunning square oakwood canopy, delivering an unparalleled timeworn feel to your space. Because these pendant lights hang at varying heights, they give out a casual, unfinished look. They work well in the kitchen, in the living room, dining room, bedroom, and even in the bathroom.

Pro tip: Successful lighting often combines several light sources. Pair this mason jar pendant chandelier with other lights that can be used separately or together for a flexible setting.

19. Moravian Star Pendant Light Chandelier

Moravian Star Pendant Light Chandelier

Best for: An exotic look

Price: $89.99 (free shipping)

Beautiful both day at night, this Moravian star chandelier has an interesting Moroccan design.

These lights are the perfect choice if you’re looking for functionality, as well as something that passes off as a statement piece. And the best part? Buyers of these lighting fixtures enjoy a boho-chic vibe.

Pro tip: If you’ve got a home bar to flaunt, glam it up with this exquisite Moravian light.

20. Industrial Kitchen Island Globe Pendant Light

Industrial Kitchen Island Globe Pendant Light

Best for: Lots of light

Price: $189 (free shipping)

Our list of the best pendant lights wouldn’t be complete without making mention of these 3-light globe pendant lights.

Why do we love them?

Because they’re vibrant enough to lift up your space but low-key enough to stay out of your way. The nickel finish of the cords and shade holders complement the clear glass shades seamlessly. What’s more, these lights fill up your room with plenty of light, without coming across as too much.

Pro tip: Hang long flowing white curtains along with these globe pendant lights for a dreamy look.


1. Which are the best pendant lights?

The answer to this question depends on your house and needs. Based on what you want to accomplish, there are three types of lighting—task, ambient, and accent. Pendant lights are available in all three types.

2. Are pendant lights good for kitchens?

While certain lights are better suited for certain needs, pendant lights can do it all. This makes them a popular pick for kitchen lighting. Often suspended over an island or the sink, pendant lights offer functionality along with making a design statement.

3. Why are pendant lights popular?

Because pendant lights hang from the ceiling, they bring light down to wherever you need it and can be very useful for task lighting. Besides, pendant lights are available in various varieties such as modern, industrial, vintage, retro, contemporary, and more. This makes them highly versatile and adaptable.

4. How do I choose a pendant light?

While buying a pendant light, keep the following three factors in mind:

  • Width: A good rule of thumb is to add up the length and width of the room, and divide the sum by 12.
  • Height: To choose the right height, multiply the height of your space by three, and divide the product by 12.
  • Shade: Figure out whether you want ambient lighting, task lighting, or accent lighting. Make sure you pick the shade accordingly.

The Takeaway: Best Pendant Lights

Clearly, there is no dearth of pendant lights in the market. From modern lights to contemporary to vintage to farmhouse, there’s something for everyone.

So that you can pick the best pendant lights for your home, make sure you assess your needs, your space, and your budget closely.

Provided you make the right choice, a pendant light can truly bring out the best in your living space.


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