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8 Mini Pendant Lights to Illuminate Your Small Spaces

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
8 Mini Pendant Lights to Illuminate Your Small Spaces

Choosing a light fixture to illuminate a small space can be tricky for homeowners. In a tight space, it will be somehow difficult to find spots for large light fixtures. Pendant light is a small-space favorite of both designers and homeowner. Pendant lights come in an assortment of sizes, finishes, and material. When it comes to a modest space, a scaled-down version of larger pendant lights should top the list of small space friendly luminaries. Yes, I’m talking about the mini pendant lights. They may be small in size, but they are definitely big in style! Scroll down for more space-savvy mini pendants that can spice up your rooms.



1.Add a Dash of Drama with a Caged Mini Pendant Lights

This small industrial living room boasts a tricolor schemes including brown, white and navy blue. Finished in oil rubbed bronze, this caged pendant light portrays a workshop inspired style. Its open metal wire cage’s architectural shape adds a modern look to this industrial living room. Its oil rubbed bronze finish fits well with the tortilla wood tone, chairs, vase and open shelve in brown. The room combines layers of fabric like the navy blue and white area rug and pillows alongside with the fluffy throw pillow, adding extra drama to the room.


2.Bring Geometric Accent with a Square Mini Pendant Light

The square pendant’s open cage houses two candelabra-inspired lights, injecting a vintage chic to this mini transitional living room. The mini hanging pendant light’s gold finish livens up the space and complements the daffodil curtain, the wood tone of the floor and the retro trunk table. Different patterned fabrics provide a whimsical touch to the area from the sofa to the throw pillows. The slight mismatch in armchair and sofa brings a good dose of personality and individuality. The patterns and brisk colors from the armchair and the throw pillows radiate a cheerful and modern vibe to the room.


3.Mini Glass Pendants That Won’t Overwhelm a Small Space

A trio of mini glass pendant light fixtures over the dining table serve to energize this small minimalist dining room with a brass finish. They exude a glint of glamour and understated elegance with their shiny finish and clear glass cone shades. Their elegance is somehow increased when they are used in multiples over a dining table. Pairing with the caramel wood tones from the chairs, dining table and the floor, the pendants bring warmth and refinement to the room without overwhelming a small space.


4.A Mini Gold Pendant Makes the Space Less Boring

Featuring a shimmery gold finish, the mini hanging lamps flaunt parabolic dome shades. The shades are adorned by external wire, which creates decorative lighting impact. Three metal pendant light fixtures infuse texture and a touch of sparkle into this mini dining room that otherwise lacks the wow factor. The wood floor and the rattan area rug bring life to the room with their natural vibe. The white and flowy drapes and white French windows contrast the rest of the decors and give the space a dreamy feel.


5.Mini Barn Pendants Perfectly Match the White Decors

A pair of mini white hanging lights lend a factory-inspired touch to this little farmhouse bedroom. The mini barn pendant light fixtures go well with white table lamp, white wood-clad ceiling and windows for a cohesive look. The wood furniture and floor bring a warmer feel to the room and further enhance the farmhouse vibe. The colorful striped area rug and the white and red gingham bedding offer stunning style to the room with a beautiful array of colors.



6.Mini Chrome Pendants Give the Bedroom a Modern Vibe

What makes this small relaxing bedroom unique is its color palette and the mini pendant lights. The carpeted room’s wall, pillows and bed sheet boast a citron-and-blueberry color palettes. The citron and blueberry decors reflect a selection of vintage-inspired palettes that were popular in the 1960s. The dynamic hues bring a touch of whimsy and creative vibe to the room. A duet of mini teardrop chrome hanging pendant lights elevate the space with a shiny finish and convey an air of modernity.


7.Mini Cone Pendants Exude Rustic Chic

This small kitchen is dominated by earthy wood tones. The kitchen’s muted wood tone color scheme is steeped in shades of walnut, coffee and gingerbread. Pairing with a stone wall, the smooth, organic surfaces of these materials create a rustic yet tasteful look. Flaunting an oil rubbed bronze, the mini cone kitchen pendants naturally blend into the the wood-tone kitchen. The pendants’ brass lamp-holders work well with the tortilla window and their dark brown shade offsets other decors.


8.Black Mini Pendants Contrast the Cantaloupe Ceiling

The little kitchen features a brisk color scheme including the cantaloupe wall, tawny countertop and caramel cabinetry. Showcasing an elongated cone shade, the matte mini black pendants give the space a refined allure. The wood cabinet, stone tile backsplash and the exposed beams inject farmhouse touches to the otherwise contemporary kitchen. The black chairs and the hanging lamps are mismatched with other decors, which creates a stark contrast and showcases your individual style.


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