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8 Contemporary Chandelier Lighting Ideas for Your Living Room

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07

In order to set the mood for a living room, what is the most crucial factor that should never be overlooked? Furniture? Paint color? They may be essential elements of a living room design, but what really makes a living room unique is lighting. Your living room will shine with style and impress every guest with a jaw-dropping light fixture. Wow your guests with a contemporary chandelier that boasts simple patterns, sleek sophistication, interpretation of texture, and clean lines. This attention-grabbing luminary is a wonderful marriage of traditional design aspects and contemporary styles to create a simplistic yet highly unique look. Adding a contemporary chandelier to your home is probably one of the easiest ways to upgrade your decor without a complete remodel. Scroll through these eight contemporary chandelier lighting ideas to keep your gathering and hangout space fashionable and functional.



1. Linear and Resplendent

This contemporary chandelier elevates the decor with its shimmery chrome finish. Nine lamp-holders and exposed bulbs of the light fixture are evenly aligned in linear formation when viewed from different angles. Being ablaze with resplendent crystal bead strands featuring teardrop pendants, the stunner amps up the drama and adds panache to the living room. Its chrome finish pairs nicely with the floor lamp and the armrest of the chairs for a cohesive look. The light fixture, the clean lines, and the curvy shapes in the room enhance the contemporary style of the room. The cushions in beige, baby blue, and violet add a layering of texture to the space.


2.  Grandiose and Shiny

This crystal chandelier adds weight to the living room and flaunts the magic of its tiered look and a boost of sparkle. Its wavy arms in brown bring out tones from the caramel sofas. The teardrop pendants and the rounded crystal bottom accent capture and reflect the light of the bulbs which are encircled by beige cone shades. The drapes, the floor, and the table lamp repeat the beige accent of the cone shades. Along with the elegant mirror finished in brass and the artwork dominated by orange on the wall, the light fixture lends a grandiose vibe to the space and magnifies the beauty of the home decor.


3.  Tiered and Rounded

This two-tier globe chandelier gives the contemporary living room a dramatic allure and a dreamlike vibe with ten opaque frosted glass shades. Its tiered silhouette and brass finish bring new life to the space with the metallic pizzazz. A soothing glow radiates from the opaque globe shades, creating a relaxing ambiance in the room. With its glimmering accent, it stands out against the white wall while it partners perfectly with the daffodil sofas, butter cushions, and butter ottoman. The furnishings in beige, black and white serve as a neutral base for the light fixture, cushions, sofas, ottoman, and teal vase to pop.


4.  Sparkling and Show-stopping

A duo of crystal chandeliers rock the living room with their glint of glamour and a pop of excitement. A plethora of crystal beads cascade from a metal chrome frame and form a tapered lampshade. Featuring a waterfall-inspired silhouette, these show-stoppers showcase a higher level of sophistication with their glossy finish and swoon-worthy look. Their open design allows a charming glow to shine while their chrome finish reflects an enviously rich down light. Along with the luminaries, the tufted baby blue ottomans, dark cyan sofa, mauve armchairs, and multi-colored cushions give the space plenty of personality in addition to comfort and function.


5.  Sputnik and Dazzling

A sputnik chandelier brings an element of glamour and drama and casts a decorative pattern throughout the living room. Its fascinating artistic form embellishes this attention-grabbing light fixture while its brushed brass configuration adds finishing touch to the space. Showing off a stunning starburst design, its protruding arms alternately hold a spherical bulb and a crystal bead. These extending arms refract the dazzling light of the crystal beads in every direction and create intriguing light effects and shades. The coffee tables, the picture frame, and other decorations mimic the colors of the luminary’s brass hue, carrying the color through the space. The white ceiling and the black-and-white area rug provides the perfect backdrop for baby blue wall, cornflower blue armchairs, daffodil pillows, and the daffodil throw.

6.  Sculptural and Artistic

The living room is bathed in an impressive and diffused glow radiated by this 20-light contemporary chandelier. The playful and artistic light fixture fills the room with its unrivaled style and is destined to be the focal point in the space. Its sculptural shape showcases a multitude of stick-like arms that are fitted with a bulb at both ends. The luminary’s organic, asymmetrical design gives the space an edgy look while its brass finish sets it apart from the white walls and white ceiling. Its brass hue plays well with the pale peach area rug, the stool, the cushions, and the vase. It imparts mesmerizing Hollywood Regency flair to the room along with the blueberry sofas.


7.  Tiered and Prismatic

A contemporary chandelier brings visual depth and the splendor of the ballroom into the living room with its tiered silhouette and sparkling accent. It sports three tiers of cascading crystal prisms suspended from a bronze metal frame. Beautiful arrays of royal-cut clear crystal prisms pep up the room with refracted light and cast intricate shadows. Its bronze finish coordinates with the beige walls, the pale marigold area rug, and the walnut wood floor. The beige walls, white ceiling, and beige cabinet is a perfect canvas for the light fixture, peacock blue sofa, and the cider-colored chair to shine. Mismatched chairs in the living room is a good way to create a stark contrast and showcase the homeowner’s individual style.


8.  Glass and Brass

A pair of five-light contemporary chandeliers are the dramatic eye candy that can be found high up in the consumers' eyes. Featuring a gleaming warm brass finish, they perk up the space with a touch of glitz and bring the decors up to the next level. The clear glass dented shades with excellent light transmittance emanate gorgeous light rays and make for a homey ambiance for gathering. Each glass shade and arm feature an adjustable swivel that allows you to maintain balance of the chandelier and direct light wherever you need to. The gray wall and the taupe area rug provide a wonderful backdrop for the eggplant sofa, the luminaries, and the floral-patterned cushions to emit a luxurious charm.


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