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8 Brilliant Ideas to Inspire Your Home Design in 2020

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
8 Brilliant Ideas to Inspire Your Home Design in 2020

Since we just welcomed not only the year 2020 and also a fresh decade, we can't help wondering what kind of new surprises the new year will bring us. A new year is a new beginning and also a great time to revamp your house. You are looking forward to introduce some brand-new elements into your comfy abode, aren't you? If you still have no idea what to do with your house or can't figure out what kind of interior design themes and schemes will be big in the field of home design this year, we have all the answers for you. Whether you're consider performing a minor update or a total makeover, don't hesitate to get inspired from our list below.



1.Classic Blue

2020 is gonna be a year of blue when Pantone announced its selection of “Classic Blue” as the 2020 Color of the Year. The blue of 2020 is much darker than cerulean and a bit lighter than navy blue. Suggesting the sky at dusk, it brings a sense of peace and tranquility and helps us to concentrate. Exuding elegance and simplicity, this calming shade is easy to incorporate into your home. With this soothing and timeless blue hue, your bedroom, living room or kitchen can get an instant refresh. If you really are a big fan for the color, carry it out throughout the space to add drama to your rooms. Classic blue will provide a strong contrast to the white wall and the wood tones.



2.Humble Materials

Humble Materials, as humble as rattan, plywood, jute, sisal, hemp and terracotta will be used more than ever in home design this year. Having existed for centuries, the woven technique has somehow evolved and returned to the interior design world with fresh and exciting elements. These materials embody rediscovery of traditions and craftsmanship with a contemporary reinterpretation. They are extensively used in rug, lamps, chairs, vases, baskets, flower pots and other accessories. Pair them with other natural materials, such as wool, raw wood, and linen, to create an organic look and add warmth and textural interest to any space.



3.Matte Finishes

There is something about a smooth matte finish that brings a sense of clean sophistication and relaxation to a space. Matte finishes have been gaining popularity among both car fanciers and homeowners. The simplicity of the surface allows the color and design to be the focus rather than the texture of your materials. Being perfect for a modern aesthetic, the matte finish is a favorite to be incorporated into any space. Use matte finishes on bathroom tiles, kitchen cabinets, light fixtures, handles, countertops, furniture, vases or any accessories. A matte finish brings sophistication that is not always found in other surface textures.



Neutral colors will make a return this year. Neutrals encompass classic and peaceful hues, and most importantly, they're less busy than the bright colors. If you consider neutrals plain and boring, you're completely wrong this time. Neutral colors include black, white, gray, and sometimes brown and beige. Let’s fall in love with the shades of gray and beige. In 2020 warm neutrals is gonna be huge in home design, while cool neutrals will become the backdrop. Do invest in neutral decors that injects a muted style to your home and accentuates connection with nature and authenticity. It will be an excellent choice for your walls, but they're also great options for furniture including sofas and bedding.


5.Black And White Interior Designs

Black and white interior designs are having a moment in the field of home design this year. When you are inclined to make a change to your home decor and looking for something that never goes out of style, this evergreen color combination will do the trick. The stark contrast between light and dark creates a stunning visual effect. There’s a myriad of ways to introduce this classic monochrome color palette into the interior no matter what kind of decorating style you opt for. The perfect marriage between black and white offers endless possibilities from muted to bold. Try white bedding with black chair, white sofa with black chandelier or black backsplash and white cabinet to add drama and sophistication to any room in your house.


6.Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns still prevails in the world of home design this year and show no signs of going away in the near future. Geometric design spans so many areas in our lives. We can see such patterns on bedding, floors, area rugs, lamps and other decor. In 2020 it is about how to maintain a state of equilibrium among different geometric shapes. They give the space texture and provides a calmness to the home. Make a big statement with geometric patterns in a certain area in your home where you want to attract everyone’s attention. Geometric shapes on the kitchen floor tiles or area rugs in living room are both nice tries.


7.Floral Wallpapers

Floral patterns have reigned for a long time in the world of home design and 2020 sees a strong comeback of floral fabrics and wallpaper. They are nothing like the flowery wallpapers you have seen in your grandmother’s room. There will be a modern take on these pretty patterns. Such wallpapers feature floral patterns of different sizes and color patterns. Make your wall attention-grabbing by selecting wallpapers featuring brisk contrasting colors and vibrant flowery patterns. They are a smart choice for bathrooms and foyers. Their sophistication and subdued styles add character, clean lines, or a pop of color and contrast to any space.


8.A Touch Of Green

Global warming, climate change and sustainability are salient issues that have grabbed the world’s attention in the past few years. It comes as no surprise that homeowners show more interest in creating a clean and environmental friendly home. They are badly in need of a space to commune with nature at home. This may be the reason for increasing popularity of indoor gardening and decorative houseplants. Besides classic blue, the subtle shade of green is also an important color in the field of home design this year. Investing in true green plants, snake plants or rubber plants to inject a bit of organic vibe. Artworks, wallcoverings, fabric, bedding and other decors featuring botanical prints is also a good way to embrace nature-inspired elements to your interior.


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