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What is the best way to revitalize a boring space? You don’t actually have to invest heavily in a complete renovation. Go with a new light fixture that can illuminate your space in style. Namely, what you need is a attention-grabbing statement light fixture. We cannot talk about statement making light fixture without mentioning chandeliers since they add a tons of character and give a stunning look to your home decor. Is there any kind of chandeliers that shine in the space even when the light is off. The answer is definitely yes. Those that are accented with a shiny finish is a preferable choice. Take a look at these shiny luminaries we have rounded up for you.

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1.Fabric Drum Shade Chandelier

The luminary’s canopy and chain flaunt a brushed nickel finish which livens up the home decor with a bit of bling. Crafting of linen, its gray drum shade radiates modern sophistication to the overall design scheme. With the spherical accent on its chain, it makes a fun addition to the space. Its shimmery finish aims to catch attention and gives off a stylish vibe to a room. Hanging this striking piece to bedroom, dining room, entryway, kitchen and living room can complete your modern and classic look.

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2.Rectangular Cylinder Shade Chandelier

Flaunting an antique brushed gold finish, the luminary lends vibrancy to your home decor with a glint of glamour. Crafting of solid metal, its rectangular frame and cylinder glass shades provides bold geometric accent and to your aesthetic. Two vertical metal rods suspend the luminary from a matching canopy for a clean and cohesive look. Its light amber cylinder glass shades are evenly aligned in linear formation when viewed from different angles. Being attention-grabbing, its gold metal frame adds a pop of modern flair and brings the drama to bedroom, dining room, kitchen and living room.

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3.Satin Nickel Glass Chandelier

Being dressed in a satin nickel finish, the luminary revitalizes your living space with its metallic glitz. Its white glass bowl shades give your home a hint of tasteful touch. Five metal angled rods suspend the fixture from a adjustable chain for a clean and cohesive look. The intricate design of this luminary boasts curved steel arms jutting out in every direction from a sphere in the middle. The light fixture captures the eye and add charisma and drama through their glimmering presence. The luminary creates just the right amount of visual interest to any space in your home. It’s satin nickel tone is sure to shine in the dining room, entryway, kitchen and living room.

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4.Sputnik Brass Finish Chandelier

Flaunting a brass finish, the sputnik luminary enlivens your space with a boost of sparkle. Resembling a satellite or a stellar explosion, it shows off a starburst design displaying multiple arms extending from a center sphere. Being both stylish and functional, it provides depth, texture and funky flair to your interior. It introduces a bit of futuristic flair and a touch of whimsy to any space in the house. Featuring  a alluring and interesting style, this glossy fixture is perfect for transforming living room, dining room, entryway and foyer.

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5.Mid-century Globe Shade Chandelier

Being dressed in an electroplated brass finish, the luminary energizes your interior with a touch of brightness. Crafted from hand-blown opaque opal glass, its glass shades of varying sizes offer sleek sphere silhouettes and a dreamy vibe. Its sputnik design boasts downward extending arms holding eight glass shades and suspending the fixture from a semicircular canopy. It showcases the perfect blend of mid-century vibe and modern elements and completes the aesthetic with a refined touch. Its gleaming accent brings a ton of texture and eye appeal to the bedroom, dining room, entryway, hallway, kitchen and living room.

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6.Large Gold Modern Chandelier

Flaunting the rust-proof gold finish, the light fixture elevates the decor with its metallic shimmer. Its sputnik design seems to carry all the wonder and promise of pioneering the final frontier. Each glass shade and arm feature a 360-degree adjustable swivel that allows you to maintain balance of the luminary and direct light where you need it. Conveying an air of elegance, its hand-blown dented glass shades round out the design and infuse a glamorous touch into your home decor. Let this large luminary wow your guests by adding the glittering fixture to your dining room, living room and kitchen and offering an industrial or transitional look.