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10 Eye-catching Lantern Pendant Lights to Class up Your Rooms

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
10 Eye-catching Lantern Pendant Lights to Class up Your Rooms


When you are apt to inject an old-world charm to your home with a pendant light, there is no better choice than lantern pendants. They feature a attractive cage crafted of wood, metal, and glass with decorative details such as crystals and candlestick lights. Their nostalgic charm and elegant details elevate your decor and are guaranteed to turn heads. The eye-catching lantern pendant lights on our list below are sure to impress you. Let’s find out what kind of changes a lantern pendant can make to your home.


1.Dark Brown and Diamond

The lantern pendant light steals the show in this traditional living room with its attention-grabbing shade. The lantern crafted of glass and metal showcases a diamond silhouette and each side of the lantern is topped with a wavy bar. The lantern’s dark brown finish is definitely fitting for the chocolate wood floor, the tortilla sofa, and tortilla chairs. Four beige candelabra-inspired lights inside the lantern are well-suited to the area rug and the table lamp shade. The pendant’s wavy accent repeats on the drapes. The butter yellow color of the drapes and the shade of the floor lamp bring the perfect amount of bright color.



2.Black and Rectangular


Encasing a small cubic cage with three candle style lights in the middle, a duet of rectangular lantern pendants create a look that is sure to grab a few glances. Their black finish goes well with the black wall and the black pulls of the cabinets while it sets the luminary apart from the white decors. The light fixtures add interest to space over the dining table with their alluring geometric form. The flowers, green plants, and the floral accent of the slipcovers bring an organic vibe to this neutral-dominated room. They also subdue the coolness of the neutral color palette and soften the clean lines of the lantern pendants.



3.Wood and Wire


This dining room lantern pendant hints at a dynamic mix of nature and industrial touch. With a wire cage supported by an unfinished wood frame, the light fixture conveys a dash of rough elegance. Black iron corners and four candle-style lights complete the industrial look. With a latte wood tone, the wood pendant light perfectly blends into the contemporary space boasting daffodil walls, white doors, and white windows. Its wood accent complements the wood floor, and wooden furniture and rattan roller shades, offering a rustic flair and a ton of texture to the room.



4.Globe and Wood


A pair of globe pendant lights are crafted from wooden slats of upholstered banding to form a cage-like configuration. With an open and airy design, they scatter warm and awesome light rays to set a tone for the room. The luminary’s latte wood-tone appears in chairs and the wood floor while these decors instill a feeling of warmth and intimacy. The curtain’s navy blue accent is suggested by the backdrop of artworks and the baskets. They all evoke the sense of the ocean to fit right into this beach style dining room.


5.Rattan and Tear-drop Style


Six lantern pendant lights over the bed with three clustered together as a group add elements of surprise and whimsy. Exquisitely crafted from rattan, these tear-drop style lantern shades are sure to inject eclectic charm to any room. This Asian-inspired bedroom becomes a serene haven as the luminaries and the wooden furniture scatter the presence of a calming caramel hue throughout the space.



6.Brass and Moroccan


A trio of lantern pendants showcase an exotic look inspired by the lanterns of Marrakesh. These pendants provide traditional Moroccan patterns and artistically geometric cutouts. The light will shine through the hand-cut shades and create patterned shadows. Their unique appearance and brass finish send out a foreign touch and make for a breath-taking addition for the bedroom. The luminaries’ brass color pairs perfectly with the coral hue in the bedding. Along with the bedding and the brown-and-white area rug delivering a wavy pattern, they flaunt a coastal color palette.


7.Polyhedron and Metal


A pair of lantern pendant provides a polyhedron form which conveys an understated grace. They stand out from this Mediterranean kitchen with their bronze finish and geometric shades. These mini pendant lights emit stunning glow to space and make food prep and cooking more interesting. Along with multicolored backsplash and gracefully patterned slipcovers, the pendants serve as the appealing finishing touch and adds eye appeal. The red containers and fruits spread the joyous color around the kitchen and keep this white kitchen from getting boring.



8.Trapezoid and Polished Chrome


Dressed in a polished chrome finish, the trapezoid drum shades of the lantern pendants give the kitchen a glint of glamour. Crafted of metal and glass, they encircle three candelabra-inspired lights to embrace simplicity as well as retro charm. Their gleaming finish coordinates with the stainless steel of the faucets and pulls. The white cabinets and a white countertop serve as a neutral base to allow the luminary to pop. The light fixture, the tawny wood tones, and the glamorous upholstery pull the room together in a contemporary way.



9.Cylinder and Dual Finish


The lantern pendant’s cylinder shade houses two candlestick lights and is topped with arched arms. Its lamp holders and two of the arched metal bars attached to the shade feature a brass finish. The other metal bars attached to the shade, the cylinder lantern itself, and the chain are in black. With a dual finish like this, it proves that black is always a design-perfect companion to brass. The luminary also brings out the brass tones from the doorknob, and the art pieces on the wall. With an airy design, it emits a charming glow that makes this bathroom a better place to relax and unwind.


10.Globe and Wire


A duet of lantern pendants show off dozens of metal wires interlacing intricately to form a uniquely elongated globe shade. The open lanterns house a single exposed bulb respectively and exude gentle light rays to calm your mind. Their tawny finish blends well with wood tones of the bathtub, the cabinet, and the window frame. These lanterns add texture and character to the kitchen while bringing drama and a dynamic touch along with the plants.


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