Lantern Pendant Light

Don't have a budget for lantern chandeliers? Don't worry! Claxy offers different lantern pendant light designs to transform your home without breaking the bank.

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The lantern shape of pendant light is a familiar form and hangs elegantly in classic and traditionally decorated spaces. It aims to make a vintage statement to your aesthetic choices while it clearly shows off a traditional appearance and structure. You’ll find it can be introduced into a number of areas, indoors or out. Hang them in your living room above your favorite chair to provide adequate light for your long hours of reading.

You can also suspend them above your coffee table to draw attention to your beautiful decor pieces. It is extremely popular for foyers and entryways, offering a welcoming glow to your family and guests. It also offers a much-appreciated look in the backyard under a gazebo, covered deck or patio. Lantern pendant light can be adjusted for the required height and position as well as for their brightness.