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8 Bathroom Sconce Lighting Ideas That Take Your Bathroom to the Next Level

by Remy-Claxy - 2023-03-28 00:00:00
8 Bathroom Sconce Lighting Ideas That Take Your Bathroom to the Next Level

To most of us, a bathroom is not just a space for us to clean up. It can be a hiding place where you can think of all your problems or read your favorite novels. It can be a great place for you to check your emails and social media without being disturbed. You can also spend some time in your bathroom, doing nothing, taking a nap, or relaxing your mind and body when you need some chill time after a tough day.


To make your bathroom a perfect space to unwind, great light fixtures can do the trick. Soft, warm lighting can turn your bathroom into a calming space where you can relax and think. If you are looking for light fixtures that can serve as both mood lighting as well as functional lighting, look no further than bathroom sconces. They are essential to spread light evenly along the walls as well as bring a unique vibe to your bathroom. Scroll on and get inspired by the bathroom sconce lighting ideas that will take your bathroom to the next level.



1. 3-Light Bathroom Vanity Sconces That Provide a Stunning Decorative Detail


The 3-light bathroom vanity sconces provide stunning decorative detail to the bathroom with a glossy electrophoretic gold finish. Being crafted of impurity-free hand-blown opal glass, three cylinder glass shades are held aloft by the streamlined bar and three gold arms extend to the front of the glass shades. Boasting a sleek cylinder silhouette, it offers the perfect blend of mid-century classics and a touch of elegance. The bathroom vanity lighting's gold finish is also suggested by the frame of mirrors and the bathroom ware. The vanity sconces’ unrivaled style brings a touch of modern sophistication to this coastal bathroom. The pigeon blue vanity enhances the coastal style of the interior and gives the bathroom a sense of serenity.



2. A Bathroom Wall Light with Fabric Shade Provides a Feminine Touch to the Space

The mirror in the bathroom is adorned with a wall sconce sporting a fabric drum shade. The wall light captures attention with its beige pleated lampshade. The wall sconce adds all kinds of character to the space and a bit of bling with its brushed nickel finish. The light pouring through the fabric lampshade is gently muted and fills the space without any glare. Its drum shade accent, the brushed nickel finish, and the beige color are voiced by the pendant light above the vanity and the beige vanity. The faucets, the pulls of drawers, and other bathroom ware in brushed nickel are matched by the bathroom wall sconce. The wall light, pink walls,  flowers, and green tiles usher in a feminine touch to the room.



3. The Mid-century Bathroom Wall Lights Serve as an Instant Texture Boost


The mid-century bathroom wall lights’ canopies, delicately curved arms, and globe shades are dressed in a glossy electrophoretic gold finish, livening up the bathroom with glitzy sparkle. Their lamp holders provide dramatic decorative impact with a semigloss black finish. The white interior of the lampshades helps reflect the light. Showing off a sleek sphere silhouette, the bathroom vanity sconces showcase the beauty of geometry and complete the aesthetic with an elegant touch. Their gold finish complements the hemp rope mirror frame, the ribbon blue walls, and the navy blue hue in the painting. These bathroom decors showcase the natural tones of sand and sea and bring warmth and glamour to the space. The globe shades of the light fixtures diffuse the light, creating a soft, warm glow that is perfect for a beachy bathroom.



4. Glass Wall Sconces Flanking the Mirror Lend a Ton of Texture to a Coastal Bathroom


Flaunting a polished chrome finish, a pair of glass wall sconces flank the mirror and spice up the bathroom with a bit of bling. Their elongated cylinder shades are designed to house a bulb to complete the aesthetic. Their cylinder glass shades add depth and dimension to the fixture. A lovely glow shines through the cylinder shades, which enhances the inviting nature of a coastal bathroom. Their chrome finish is echoed in bathroom ware and the faucets. The clear glass design of the bathroom vanity sconces allows them to blend seamlessly into the space. The light teal walls and the turquoise towels show off the coastal hues that look great in a crisp white bathroom. A splash of colors serves as a refreshing sight and makes the bathroom come alive.



5. The Vanity Sconces Provide a Beautiful Display of Glass and Metal


The vanity lights’ lamp holders, the metal rods, the metal rings securing the glass, and the metal rods are finished in brushed titanium brass, pepping up the bathroom with a bit of bling. Two rows of shiny clear glass rods and metal rods at mixed lengths form a striking shape and make a radiant statement in the space. The glass and metal rods encircle two exposed bulbs in the middle, rounding out the design with a mid-century modern vibe. With excellent light transmittance of the glass rods, they cast a gorgeous glow and create a comfy atmosphere. Featuring an impressive design, the bathroom wall lights draw the eye upward to a beautiful display of glass and metal. Their shiny finish coordinates with the cyber yellow sink and the gingerbread cabinet. The light fixtures, the sinks, and the cabinet bring just the right amount of color to the bathroom.



6. Three Caged Bathroom Sconces Create Intriguing Light Effects


Three bathroom wall sconces boast a dark brown finish that peps up the bathroom with a dash of drama. Their semicircular cages bring geometric elegance and an unrivaled level of sophistication. The metal cages encircle the exposed bulbs and make a statement without overpowering the room. Their metal cage design allows the light to gently filter through and cast intricate shadows. The light fixtures bring out tones from the mirror frames, the countertops, and cabinet pulls. The olive carpet and olive walls and plants add a wonderful pop of color to the bathroom and help this bathroom achieve an organic aesthetic. The brown-colored decors together with the olive decors evoke a sense of serenity and tranquility, transforming a simple bathroom into a calming retreat.  



7. Starburst Wall Sconces Give The Space a Touch Of Whimsy


Brimming with a mid-century style, three modern bathroom sconces are accented with a matte beige finish with a gold tinge, giving the space a touch of whimsy. A myriad of metal rods extending upward and downward constitute an eye-catching starburst pattern and encircle two exposed bulbs in the middle. Their celestial-inspired design adds an element of surprise and character to the bathroom. They serve as nice works of art that decorate the blank wall and are attention-grabbing additions to the space. Their beige finish coordinates with the white cabinets and the white walls. The bathroom wall lights’ wow-worthy design pops against the all-white bathroom alongside the cinnamon chairs and the carpet featuring exotic patterns.



8. The Crystal Wall Sconces Are the Most Dazzling Eye Candy


The vanity sconces sport a stainless gold finish, bringing a dash of metallic glitz to the space. Dazzling beveled crystal prisms on the wall sconces are arranged in a semicircular pattern, which conceals the bulbs and draws the eye upward to a beautiful display of crystal and metal. Their semicircular lampshades are attached to a metal frame consisting of four conjoining circles. They provide extra sparkle and a touch of luxury to the bathroom with the rounded faceted crystal pendants dangling in the middle of each conjoining circle. Their crystal accent makes these brass wall sconces dazzling eye candy that catches everyone’s eyes and enhances the pieces’ visual depth and beauty even further. Arrays of hanging crystal prisms illuminate the room with refracted light. The flower pot and the bathroom hardware pick up on the colors of the crystal wall lights, which adds a touch of warmth to this white bathroom.


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