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Vintage Bronze Ceiling Light 2 Light Textured Glass Fixture


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54 Reviews
  • Light Fixture Form - Ceiling Light
  • Indoor/Outdoor Usage - Indoor
  • Room Type - Hallway, Porch
  • Power Source - AC
  • Material - Metal, Glass
  • Size - 12.99"D*5.5"H


Warranty: 2 Years

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    Product Description

    Antique Flush Glass Ceiling Light


    This antique flush ceiling fixture is attactive and beautiful when installed.
    It features on sturdy clear textured glass shade with handsome oil rubbed bronze finish.

    With dimmable bulbs, it will glow ambiance lighting, a perfect lights or decoration for your home.

    Compatible with variety of bulbs

    The ceiling light features 2 E26 base socket which is compatible with a variety of bulb types: LED, INCANDESCENT, CFL.

    • The bulbs not included.
    • The light supports up to 60 watts maximum each bulb.
    • The fixture is dimmable when the bulbs used with a compatible dimmer switch.
    • For energy efficiency, LED bulb is recommended.
    Outstanding features and specification
    • Bulb Base: E26
    • Light Direction: Downlight
    • Connection: Hardwired
    • Color:Oil Rubbed Bronze
    • Max Watts: 60W*2
    • Material: Metal, Glass
    • Bulb Type: LED, CFL or Incandescent, fully dimmable with compatible dimmer switch
    Perfect lighting or decoration for any rooms and business areas

    Perfect lighting or decoration
    Perfect lighting or decoration 3
    Perfect lighting or decoration 2
    • Please install it by a licensed electrician.
    • Please make sure you have cut off the electricity supply before installation.
    • For the longer service life, Please use it in dry environment.

    Additional Information

    Weight 3.4 kg
    Dimensions 15.5 × 15.5 × 8 in
    Base Type







    Item Weight

    2.2 KG


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    Maximum Compatible Wattage

    Number Of Lights

    Power Source



    , ,

    Type Of Bulb


    Bulbs Included


    Light Direction

    Shade Material

    Customer Reviews

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    4.79 out of 5 stars

    54 reviews

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    What others are saying

      D. Sowders
      January 11, 2015
      I accidentally purchased 2 of these and only need 1 but it is so pretty that I was looking around trying to find a place to use the extra one. It is a more oil rubbed dark color than it is black but it goes with elegant rustic, or classy industrial. Personally, I'm eclectic and love it all.
      February 10, 2018
      Cast a great light - sturdy lights that were easy to install
      Rick AZ
      July 21, 2017
      A very nice looking light. Adjust the center mounting bolt before installing. I do feel the wiring should be a thicker gage, but if you are using LED lights you are in good shape.
      August 24, 2017
      This light turned out to be a great solution to lighting in my semi walk-in closet. The previous light was tiny and flush inside the ceiling, so we could never see in there. This one is bright and the design is not intrusive (doesn't get in the way of our heads!) I originally wanted a small chandelier, but building codes prevented because of the size of the closet and clearance between unenclosed lights and things stored in the closet. This one is a good solution because it is suspended below the ceiling and it allows a lot of light from the sides, while being completely enclosed. It's also more attractive than I thought it would be from the pictures online.
      August 31, 2017
      This is an awesome light fixture! I had been looking for something unique and different and this is it! It is very good quality and looks perfect in my bedroom!
      Dawn Pearson
      September 1, 2017
      Made in China and instructions are unintelligible, but it installs like any light fixture. It wasn't quite flush to the ceiling, but hard to say whether that's our box or the product. This is definitely a two-person job with getting the thing mounted and all 4 screws onto the bottom. We did end up having to use our original mounting screws since the new ones were too short. Looks nice in the kitchen, though - way better than our old white globe with brass base.
      Gabrielle Dennis
      September 20, 2017
      This is a very beautiful ceiling lamp that goes perfectly with the other lights in our apartment that also have the oil rubbed bronze look. It is larger than I expected but that is okay. We have a much brighter hallway thanks to this light.
      Charlene M. Moody
      October 6, 2017
      Love the shimmers it places on my ceiling, Purchased for my office. Love it.
      Johnny Cee
      October 13, 2017
      Very nice and arrived quickly
      Ralph Demetri
      October 24, 2017
      I purchased two of these for an upstairs bonus room and one for my daughters house. With some daylight bulbs they give off really good light. The only downside is they are tricky to install with one person. I had difficulty snugging them up to the ceiling but bought a couple of washers and nuts from the hardware store instead of the supplied acorn type nuts. If the difficulty was lessened I would give 5 stars. They also look and feel like they are built with quality. I am happy I purchased them and would purchase again.
      November 6, 2017
      This lamp fixture replaced an outdated gold and glass candelabra in our upstairs hallway. It looks wonderful--industrial but with a warm light and warm tones in the bronze.Would go in any decor especially if you like to mix up your style a bit.The shadow it casts looks really cool, like slatted beams on the ceiling. We love it.
      Stella Cruz
      January 9, 2018
      I love this lamp. Fits perfectly in my 1918 home. I loved it so much, I ordered a second one.
      February 15, 2018
      Such Great Quality!!! They look stunning in our bedrooms!
      July 18, 2017
      Great quality. Real glass!
      John A Sussi
      February 27, 2018
      Looks really good installed! Easy to install and a good price !!!!
      Anne M.
      March 27, 2018
      Nice Fixture, but was hoping for a little more quality. Not as heavy as I would have liked and the holes do not line up to secure was a challenge to attach bottom glass. It's up and I made sure I installed 10 year life bulbs so I dont have to wrestle with removing the bottom glass.
      Erika Davis
      April 15, 2018
      Just finished installing it. Was a little bit of a pain, but mostly cause we are new to light installation. Overall, took about 20 minutes. Most of that was spent trying to line up the holes in the frame to the light unit. Overall, I really like the look of it!!
      April 28, 2018
      Really cool light fixture in our craftsman house. Great quality
      July 23, 2018
      Placed it over the kitchen sink in my new kitchen. Looks fantastic.
      Nick Z
      August 13, 2018
      I like this, its quality, it goes completely flush with the ceiling, sturdy, etc. I took a star away for an annoying installation. The two screws that hang from the ceiling mount which the fixture hangs onto go through insulation that they have. Its impossible to see anything when you try to align the screws into the fixture because of this insulation that blankets the holes. Finally I was so annoyed I just ripped most of the insulation out so I could finish the job. Seems needlessly difficult if they designed it better from the get go.
      Jon E. Dill
      September 2, 2018
      I love these fixtures, they look so nice against bronze ceiling tiles. I installed 13.5W (100W equivalent) LED bulbs. The light is nice, not too bright, and widely dispersed. These are perfect in my 1895 house.
      September 4, 2018
      Great finish and size, looks great in our mud room
      September 6, 2018
      Beautiful light!
      Paula Lampron
      December 12, 2018
      Fabulous light, quality is wonderful for the price. I read all the reviews before purchasing and can't understand why there are complaints about the installation. All flushmount lights are a challenge simply because of lack of room and their design, it's the nature of the beast. Yes it's a little fiddly getting the base holes to line up with the screws but nowhere near as bad as the reviews, just takes patience ;-) As one wise reviewer mentioned - take a deep breath and relax. It took us literally 10 mins to install (2 people recommended simply because you need three hands). I love how the glass shade diffuses the light so it's not harsh or cold but still gives lots of illumination. Love the look, love the price, love the quality.
      August 14, 2019
      Needed a flush mount oil rubbed bronze fixture for entry foyer and this really filled the bill! It goes really well with our wall sconces and ceiling fan. Easy to install too!
      Daniel Tagtow
      July 18, 2017
      High Quality light, very nice!
      Verified Customer
      May 31, 2017
      Well made and attractive.
      D. Sowders
      January 11, 2015
      I accidentally purchased 2 of these and only need 1 but it is so pretty that I was looking around trying to find a place to use the extra one. It is a more oil rubbed dark color than it is black but it goes with elegant rustic, or classy industrial. Personally, I'm eclectic and love it all.
      September 8, 2016
      Love this light fixture,made of great quality,liked it so much that we ordered two more of these,would highly recommend this product
      Ingrida K
      February 22, 2016
      I got this for the mud room for a small room (more like a mud room). Was going with a little bit of the industrial/country look. I would love to see that same fixture in a bigger size to make it look even more industrial.
      Lynn M Eaton
      April 9, 2016
      Looks much better than the photo. Very happy with it.
      Sprout House Alpha
      May 16, 2016
      Used two in the family room with led bulbs. Gives nice compact appearance with good light defused.
      Brian McClanahan
      June 9, 2016
      Looks great!
      RubyJean 52
      June 15, 2016
      This light is very handsome installed. It gives great light for the room. The low rating is for the difficulty we will have in order to change a light bulb. I say we because it will take two people to dismantle in order to remove and replace the bulb, and two people to replace the cover. Otherwise it is a nice light!
      Rebecca A. Mactas
      June 28, 2016
      Love it! Looks great and easy to install.
      Farrah D. Schubmehl
      July 18, 2016
      Love this light for our son's room. Very nice quality. Would buy again.
      Anne L
      August 4, 2016
      I purchased this light for my kitchen. Originally, I found this light on Amazon and put it on my wish list, as it was unavailable. In the days following, I searched and searched for a similar light, trying many different combinations of words to ferret out this specific light. One morning, I finally found one. When I went to my wish list to make a comparison, I found that Amazon showed that only one from Ecopower Lighting was available, so I immediately ordered it! In my comparison to the other light I found, they looked to be alike, so I ordered one from the other company too, even paying $50 more than my Amazon light to have a matched pair. I'm writing this evaluation now that both lights have arrived. The Ecopower Lighting fixture is of a higher quality and the glass is more clear and defined. The other light will work to make a pair, but there is noticeable quality differences with this light when you compare them side-to-side. It looks to be a copy and the manufacturing numbers don't correlate. I don't think anyone will be able to tell, once they are installed. I'm grateful for the Ecopower Lighting fixture and the value it provided. An excellent product!
      Verified Customer
      August 12, 2016
      This is a very cool looking light! It's very rich looking and sturdy. I used clear bulbs in it and it throws a cool looking pattern on the ceiling from the upper vent holes. I'm very happy with it!You will need two people to install more easily. I had to use a couple of washers as spacers to get the light flush with the ceiling. No big deal though.
      Amazon frankie
      August 22, 2016
      Looks. Good in room. Would by it again.
      Organic Honey
      August 23, 2016
      The glass has a green cast to it which makes our gray paint around the lamp look greenish. Aside from the unexpected green glow, I really like this fixture.
      September 21, 2016
      Looks great, much brighter than the light we had before. Very impressed with the product. Was a little difficult to get the edge flush with the ceiling but we managed to do it.
      May 29, 2017
      I'm very happy with my purchase. This light fixture looks absolutely amazing in my kitchen.
      Donna Banville
      October 14, 2016
      This light is absolutely beautiful in my kitchen .the quality is great for the price . The lighting is nice and bright . I had an electrician install it . I would highly recommend this light .
      C. Bates
      October 17, 2016
      This looks great in the closet
      Ellen Ratcliff
      December 13, 2016
      Put up in my kitchen/home office. looks great.
      January 13, 2017
      Very nice. Somewhat difficult to install. Hard to line up and attach to ceiling. Otherwise a nice light.
      Jennifer H.
      January 17, 2017
      Very pleased with the ease of installation and the beauty of the product installed. Adds a ton of light in a space that was much too dim.
      February 17, 2017
      February 18, 2017
      After looking for kitchen fixtures for months on end, the journey ended here. I purchased two of these lights.The negatives: the wires are very thin, and aligning the fixtures on the 2 posts took...forever. Had there been a center post, the job would have gone MUCH quicker. This is the reason I gave 4 stars vs 5.The positives: the fixtures were well packaged and the glass is thick.Once installed, these fixtures look wonderful. Highly recommended. Just have a beer before you start, and reward yourself again when the installation is done. Patience my friend.
      March 11, 2017
      The light is beautiful and well made, but it is a little hard to get the globe and metal trim and decorative nuts back on after changing bulbs....really a 2 person job but I would buy the light again as it really is beautiful
      Peasant Queen
      April 2, 2017
      Easy install, just like picture. Beautiful texture and style!
      Suzanne Foster
      April 4, 2017
      Love it!
      Patrick L. Mccabe
      April 17, 2017
      Well made and affordable. With a couple of 75 watt (equivalent) LED bulbs this lights up a rather large room nicely, and looks nice. The one detractor is how clumsy/difficult it is to get the ring on and nuts secured - the ring that holds the glass in place. Not sure how it could have been made easier, still it takes two people (one to hold it up) to do the final part of installation. Other than that, I would have given it 5 Stars.
      January 15, 2020
      Looks very nice



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    Questions & Answers

    Questions and answers of the customers

    1. 0 votes
      A It is a bright light with 2 60 watt regular bulbs or the Edison bulbs which doesn't shine quite as bright . It does NOT take led bulbs
    2. 0 votes
      Q Is this light dimmable? answer now
      Asked by Customer on November 20, 2022 2:23 am
      A The light is not dimmable, but it works with dimmable bulbs.
    3. 0 votes
      A It's fairly easy just a couple extra screws
    4. 0 votes
    5. 0 votes
      Q 220voltage, it work? answer now
      Asked by Customer on November 20, 2022 2:23 am
      A NO.
    6. 0 votes
      A I'm not too sure, but it does have venting on the side which might not be optimal if there is a lot of condensation.
    7. 0 votes
      Q how bright is this light? I need it to light up a large bathroom. answer now
      Asked by Customer on November 20, 2022 2:23 am
      A Hello, it support 60W each bulb (2 bulbs needed).
    8. 0 votes
      Q does this appear black? answer now
      Asked by Customer on November 20, 2022 2:23 am
      A Not really, it's got a brownish tint to it. It's nice. The glass is wavy though. Some like that, some not so much.
    9. 0 votes
      Q How much light does it put off? answer now
      Asked by Customer on November 20, 2022 2:23 am
      A Hello, it depends on the bulb you used. The light can support 60W each bulb.
    10. 0 votes
      Q Are these suitable for a porch? Damp rated? Or indoor only? answer now
      Asked by Customer on November 20, 2022 2:23 am
      A I would only use it for indoors. If you plan on using it in a damp environment I would contact the manufacturer or seller directly. Due to the “openness” of the top edge you might also end up with a nice bug collection inside.
    11. 0 votes
      Q Is it a ceiling fan as well? answer now
      Asked by Customer on November 20, 2022 2:23 am
      A NO , it is just a ceiling light
    12. 0 votes
      Q Is this ok for damp spaces? answer now
      Asked by Customer on November 20, 2022 2:23 am
      A This light is rated to be used in dry locations.
    13. 0 votes
      Q What are the dimensions of the light answer now
      Asked by Customer on November 20, 2022 2:23 am
      A About a foot round.
    14. 0 votes
      Q Is it available in silver/nickel finish? answer now
      Asked by Customer on November 20, 2022 2:23 am
      A sorry we only have oil rubbed bronze finish of this fixture
    15. 0 votes
      A Hello, the light is non-waterproof, so if you can confirm it, the light will be fine.
    16. 0 votes
      Q can you spray paint the body answer now
      Asked by Customer on November 20, 2022 2:23 am
      A You can do it by yourself.
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