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Prepared to be wowed by this one of a kind pendant light fixture. It is immaculately designed and screams refined elegance. The lighting coming through the crystals do give away to glare, the instructions were well laid. Objectively the color however is a blue-light and definitely a pale white/blueish color somewhat dim as well.I think it is more suitable for an island kitchen, I can also see this pendant working well in a laundry room, to add elegance and style.This lighting was installed directly overhead the dining table in a small kitchen adjacent to the kitchen. It is very well made, I would recommend small zip ties to be able to adjust the wiring.


I originally wanted this lovely light to hang just a few inches from the ceiling in a small hallway, which is seen upon opening the front door. It’s a small house, and the lean and long design would make a great ‘first impression’.But I decided to put it on the stair landing, where the ceiling is high, and the light can hang 10-12”, making a glamorous statement, without being too overt.It's a specifically good placement, because it has an LED light, and the bulb never needs to be replaced. It's a very small landing, and very tricky for lightbulb changing, requiring a 10' ladder. So we're thrilled, especially as it's so beautiful.11’ 5” x 5” - eight layers of crystal, in a vertical twist. We haven’t installed it yet, and the crystals sparkle. I know that when lighted, this will add just the right amount of bling to an otherwise functional area.


Things I like. 1. The temperature of the light that it gives off is not daylight bright, but still a nice pure clean color. 2. The unique look of the light. A friend said it looks like stacked ice. 3. The way the crystals refract the light all over the room. It gives chandelier vibes. Things I dislike. 1. It's a PAIN to install. - I've replaced plenty of light fixtures, so I figured this shouldn't be too difficult. The instructions are sooooo basic, but it does come with everything you will need,. That said, the instructions fail to tell you what all the parts are and how to use them. It comes with sooooo much wire as if it's meant to hang from 30 feet, so you'll need to adjust the wire to the height that you want before you secure it. There are no instructions on how to adjust either wire and no online instructions either, so I was left to do my own searching to figure it out. Here's a tip, the silver wire pulls through the top easily, in order to get it back through the bottom there's a button on the other side that needs to be pressed in. The other wire doesn't not pull through, but is locked in place by a "screw" that's what the small allen wrench in for! Be sure to have a rubber band handy to buddle and secure all the extra wire, because there will most likely be A LOT left over, and getting it to tuck inside the base will be a chore if not neatly tied/bundled up. 3. Overall Once up, the light is pretty, but I will agree with the other review that it will look better in pairs or more. It looks odd hanging by itself. In my opinion this is not meant to be a stand alone light due to how slender it is.


I was pleasantly surprised at how well packed this light was. It also came with 3 extra crystals, which I appreciated but weren't necessary.The light is very straightforward. It's attractive. The wire can be adjusted so it can hang lower from the ceiling depending upon your use.The only downside (mentioned in the description) is that it cannot be dimmed. Most of our light switches are on dimmers, so my original intended location won't work. But my wife has a walk-in closet where this adds a measure of glamor, so we were able to put it to good use.

Suz Burke

I found this unique crystal pendant light while looking for lights and ceiling fans to replace all of the 'standard builder items' throughout my home. This beautiful pendant light arrived and it was a bit smaller than I expected but I had a spot all picked out for it so I went with it. It is a standard pendant light ceiling connection so hanging the fixture did not present any issues.I am so glad I chose to hang this light even when I thought it might be a bit small – it looks extraordinary and gives off a lot of light. I really like that the hanging length is adjustable and can easily be hung higher or lower at the time of installation. My BF installed this light and it took 20-30 mins to complete. I am really happy with this crystal pendant light and would recommend it.

Cara Clapsaddle

The crystal lamp is beautiful but it hangs from a wire which is a turn off. 4 out of 5 stars


Cool design, decently well made, standard installation:This pendant light has a unique but cool design and offers a decent amount of light when turned on. That being said, this design wouldn't match a more classic or traditional décor setup too well given the crystal material and the ornate look of the pendant itself, but would fit most modern or upscale setups nicely. The materials used to make the pendant seem like they're good quality and are decently heavy, so be aware while installing that if this thing falls down from a substantial height, it'll do some damage. The installation of this light is pretty standard and didn't take too long, despite the weight of the pendant.Overall, this is a good light with a unique look and I would recommend.



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