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What others are saying


I bought this fixture because I use Hue bulbs and like to be able to have different colors in different parts of my room. I also have a projector and the cans allow me to point them where the light isn't dimming my screen.

R. Covert

Better quality than i was expecting. Using for additional lighting in the kitchen. I like how bright they are and how the shades protect the bulb from dust. Easy to clean.


I used it for an open ceiling wall lamp. lights the room up well.


I'll keep it short and sweet.Pros: Functions exactly as advertised Fair Price for the quality Great adjustabilityCons: Mounting plate is too small. Had to mount from the cheap plate already holding my old fixture to avoid problem of size difference. A shame because the metal plate that comes with this fixture is higher quality by far.


So much nicer than the light that was there. I really love the look of this light. I am going to be getting 2 more to replace these standard boring lights.

David J. Conha

The light works perfectly. The light highlights three different areas as designed.


We wanted to add more lighting in our kitchen and not have to hire an expensive electrician. So we bought this tri-directional lighting fixture to go with our modern-vintage look in our kitchen, and we really like it. It was easy to install ourselves.

Queen Dee

We used the garage. We will ket


Installed with grow lights. Easy & everything as expected. Looks good too.

INocencio QUintana

Easy to install and provided the needed light to my bathroom.


This was for the kitchen. Had someone install it. It is a great light......very bright.

Lindsey D.

Great new light for our updated bathroom, the perfect about of light and love how we can adjust the angles.


I bought 3 of these for the kitchen 8 months ago. That installation went pretty easy but not so this time. In January I got lucky that the screw posts were a set at a length that drew the 9.8" base to the ceiling. This time - (after I thought I was done! grrr!) I had to take it apart and reduce the length of the screw posts. I lucked out and only had to do this once, I could have easily had to do it a few more times until I got it right. The instructions are almost non-existent, much less giving you fair warning about this potential issue.

michael l. umphrey

installed in kitchen to replace 2 old flourescent units. Lamps delivered very fast, easy to install, 3 separately adjustable lamps made lighting desired areas in kitchen easy. Used LED 11W (75W equiv) spot bulbs andlamp provides a ton more light than both 4 ft flourescent fixtures, plus much more natural light. Great ceiling light fixture for great price.


Used in our theatre room, great lighting!

Colby Marks

Simple clear instructions for installation, very nice looking item, completely aimable lights, and if you use LED bulbs you can put an even brighter bulb in there than they recommend to really brighten things up.

P. Malik

Easy to assemble. Great effect to our corridor. We used it with dimmable switch.

Lauri Lehman

I like ability to direct light on my picture



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