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What others are saying


I got 4 of them for our vanity in the master bedroom, only needed 3, but they come as 2 per box. They look great, much better than the far more expensive ones we had from Restoration Hardware and a better quality. Such a deal and made our redo of that room instantly better.

kattia ritchey

they are beautifull it look fantastic in my bedroom ,super happy with them

B. Makari

Item appearance: I was hoping this wouldn't look cheap/plastic and it wasn't. The housing is metal and looks rich, especially at this price point. The rods are elegant. I didn't get to test to o-rings because I didn't get that far into the installation. The size was decent for a high ceiling formal living room, which is hard to find. Installation: I ran into an issue with mounting since I have a standard vertical electric box and it requires a smaller round or horizontal box to be mounted. If you're trying to retrofit a house with existing vertical electrical boxes, you'll need an electrician to install a new box with correct orientation and a painter to fix the drywall and paint (probably the whole wall so it matches). That was way too much work/cost for installing a light fixture, so I had to return it. One thing to note is that this item is rated for 2x 40W e12 bulbs per unit. I put 60w equivalent LED bulbs (5.5W actual) and it was pretty bright (1000 lumens total per unit). I believe you should be able to put 100w LED (8W actual) if you need a really bright light, but 1000 lumens was more than sufficient for my space. I found other lights with LED built in or that allow one bulb but have a cover to soften the light too dim, so allowing 2 bulbs was a nice design choice.

Mae G.

Went beautiful beside my new canvas on my new remodel living room

sasha pryor

These lights add so much to the space. So beautiful

Amazon Customer

Absolutely beautiful. They are bright, so plan for low watt bulbs


muy bien estas lámparas cumplieron nuestras expectativas en calidad y funcionalidad

Alexei Volegov


Lauren Smith

They are post pictures much better than this item.quality was ok just make you feel this price for plastic.

The Savvy Shopper

Love them but will use in a different space.They aren't as overbearing as I thought which is a good thing but I'm going to use them in a renovated space with a 1920's Era.


Looks good, finish is pretty nice and the overall finished product is good. The main issue I encountered is that the design does not seem to account for standard small round lighting boxes. When mounted to a typical round electric box, it does not cover the entire box. In my case, I have the standard blue plastic boxes which now peak over the top and bottom of the brass fixture by around 1/4 of an inch You can't just paint this over, since there is also a visible gap. I'm not sure what kind of box they intend this to mount to, but I'd guess is may be a standard single gang rectangle. If you have existing electrical, these may not fit well. These should have been designed a little taller at the central fixture area to fit standard round boxes used by most light fixtures.Also, the mounting of the rods is a little sloppy. There are o-rings that keep the rods from dropping down, but the problem is that the rods are fit into loose holes that allow them to move. If used next to a vanity which opens and closes, they shake quite a lot. If orings are not perfect they hang at various angles within those holes and look disheveled. Having bushings to push the rods through would eliminate this problem and I will probably 3d print something like that. Having to make hardware to get a product to work properly is never a good thing, should have come with something like that to begin with.


They look chic and expensive but they were so affordable! 5 stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



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