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What others are saying


Absolutely love my farmhouse mason jar light fixture for master bathroom!I got the special led lights and it looks so good!! Love it!!

J. Hensley

This vanity light looks great in our bathroom and it puts out a lot of light.


Well made,looks great,works perfect.wish it came with light bulbs

Sharyl Brothers

Looks good , but a pain to install

J. Mastorakis

Love it


Loved the product but only came with one nut attachment.

Denis M Martel

Loved how it matched our rustic/ industrial decor, install was very easy

Sabrina Alexander

Looks great. There was one nut missing.

Ashley M

This is a gorgeous fixture, we used it to replace the vanity light in our master bathroom. I can't remember what issues my husband has with installing it, but they were minor. He does work in construction, so he does know how to install these, but they were very minor nuances. For the price, however, it is a steal! It's a very nice fixture and overall a great buy. Made a huge difference in out bathroom.


Love this fixture for our basement bathroom!


Love them


It's a nice light fixture. Looks good, and works as you would expect a light fixture to work. If you like how this looks, you'll be happy with it.The instructions weren't the clearest, but installation is pretty straightforward. It's probably a two person job or at least have something to keep the fixture up while you connect the wires. I appreciated the included wire pigtails which helped with installation. Got the 4 black and 4 white wires wire nutted to each other with the two included pigtales on the ground, then when I went to hook up to the main line I only had to wire nut 2 wires together instead of 5.If you're having trouble with the 2 bolts that attach the main fixture to the electrical box bottoming out without being held against the wall, have no fear, they gave you options! You don't have to cut the bolt to size. If you look at the bracket holding the bolts there are 2 nuts functioning as lock nuts. Loosen those, and the bracket is threaded so you can just screw the bolt in towards the box. This shortens the amount that the bolt sticks out. Adjust to your desired length so you don't bottom out,(took me about 3 tries to get it exactly where I needed it), then tighten the lock nuts to hold that position the next time you have to unscrew the caps and pull the fixture off.Worried about jar orientation? No worries, the caps will turn with a little effort so you can make the jars line up properly.Overall I'm glad we purchased this fixture.Side note: it's not made out of wood. The "wooden" part is metal painted or something to look like wood. It was convincing. I didn't notice until I actually held it that it wasn't wood.

Bradley Newcomer

Same as with the 3 light version, the wires were abnormally thick and hard to get into the connectors. Never could quite get it to sit flush against the wall either.

kristin harris

I love this fixture, however the instructions are horrible. And I ended up having to cut the bolt that actually holds the fixture to make the fixture flush with the wall. Also, this isnt a problem with this item but just a recommendation. Dont have this fixture in a dark room or dark painted room. The lighting isnt very bright with he recommended bulbs.



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