Kitchen Pendant Lighting

There's no better way to add a luxurious look to your kitchen than installing pendant lighting from Claxy. Jazz up anything, from the breakfast table to the cooking counter.

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Kitchen pendant lighting tips

As one of the more glamorous styles of light fixture, pendant lighting injects a functional flair as well as a decorative appeal to the space. Pendant lighting hanging above a kitchen island casts an inviting glow throughout the kitchen and serves as ambient lighting.

Kitchen pendant lighting is available in a variety of shapes including cylindrical, bowl, bell, oval, drum, cone and more. Your choice is completely based on your preference. Some of the more popular shapes are bell, rectangle, cone, and drum. The finish of the kitchen pendant is another decision to make. The pendant light finish you pick should perfectly go with the color of the rest of kitchen decor. If you have purchased a kitchen cabinet featuring brushed nickel hardware, you should pair it with brushed nickel pendant lighting for a cohesive look. You can also match the finish of pendant lighting to the hues of kitchen faucet or electrical appliances.

When it comes to the number of kitchen pendant, follow the rule of three since it is one of the most popular styles today. If you have a large kitchen island, install 3 individual pendant lights above the island. Try to use an odd number of pendants for better proportion, but don’t force it if your kitchen is smaller and the length of your island is short. Consider a 2-light kitchen pendant that works best for a short island.

Before you install the pendant lighting to the ceiling, you got to figure out how high you should hang the lights. The appropriate installation height is 30 to 36 inches above a tabletop, work desk, or kitchen island counter. When hanging multiple pendants, there is a general formula to get the number of minimal distance in between the pendant lights: length of table in feet divided by the sum of pendant light number and one. This rule of thumb works even if the pendant lights are hung at stunning heights.