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8 Modern Outdoor Garage Lighting Ideas

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:23
8 Modern Outdoor Garage Lighting Ideas

Is your outdoor garage area well lit up and secure?

This integral part of your property needs due attention. Gladly enough, modern outdoor garage lighting ideas not only help you boost the aesthetic appeal of the space but also help maintain optimal safety.

Your house's exterior looks stunning by the day. But to make it look equally attractive (or even better) by night, you need to have a smart exterior lighting plan.

And that’s where garage lighting comes into the picture.

Adopting the right outdoor garage lighting ideas will help beautify your home and create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

But how do you decide which lighting fixtures to use?

After all, from ceiling lights and outdoor wall lights to accent lights, the choices are plenty for this purpose.

To help you, we’ve put together this list of the top 8 outdoor garage lighting ideas that can make a bold statement in 2022.

Let’s get started.

Outdoor Garage Lighting Ideas You Must Know

Outdoor light fixtures may not be as important to your home decor as living room chandeliers.

But they do serve a purpose.

The outdoor garage is a practical section of your home and the lights you choose should be stylish.

Take a look at these outdoor garage lighting ideas you can adopt for your home too.

1. Industrial Outdoor Wall Sconces Porch Light (Set of Two)

Industrial Outdoor Wall Sconces Porch Light

Black is truly beautiful and these industrial outdoor sconces prove it. The black silhouette of the lamp shape is aptly complemented by clear glass panels which facilitate better emission of light.

You can install these refined wall sconces on either side of your outdoor garage door to light up the area adequately at night.

They will serve their purpose for long as they are weather-resistant and durable.

2. Industrial Outdoor Dusk to Dawn Wall Lights with Sensor

Industrial Outdoor Dusk to Dawn Wall Lights with Sensor

Industrial style blended with modern design elements is what this pair of wall lights is all about. These beautifully crafted metal light fixtures with a matt-black finish will instantly elevate the style quotient of your garage.

Outdoor garage lighting ideas have to be tough enough to withstand harsh weather. These hexagonal wall lights have a sturdy design and are completely weather resistant.

A fine blend of beauty and durability, isn't it?

3. Black Dusk to Dawn Outdoor Wall Sconce (Set of 2)

Black Dusk to Dawn Outdoor Wall Sconce

The dome-shaped lampshade has been one of the most popular design elements in the industry in recent years.

What's the reason?

The shape and the white finish on the interior surface enhance illumination. The matt black finish on the exterior adds subtle drama to this beauty.

The sensors on these wall sconces enable them to detect diminishing daylight at dusk and switch on automatically. As the day breaks, they sense the change in light and switch off.

Use these light fixtures around your outdoor garage and make a bold style statement.

4. Dusk to Dawn Outdoor Wall Mount Porch Lights (Set of 2)

Dusk to Dawn Outdoor Wall Mount Porch Lights

One of the most common requirements of any outdoor light fixture is that it should highlight the architectural design. Here is a subtle wall light with a geometric design that can serve this purpose well.

The trapezoid design with seeded glass shades focuses light in the right direction to draw attention. You can transform an often neglected corner of your home, like the outdoor garage, into an attractive one with these all-weather wall-mounted outdoor garage lights.

The design is hardwired and compatible with 60-watt E26-base bulbs. Thanks to the simple uncovered bottom, cleaning these fixtures is very easy.

5. Outdoor Porch Wall Light Dusk to Dawn (Set of 2)

Outdoor Porch Wall Light Dusk to Dawn

This pair of simple yet elegant wall lights is among the best outdoor garage lighting ideas for your home.

The tempered clear glass panels are housed within the solid rectangular lampshade frame allowing maximum light transmission.

The light sensor on the wall lights enables fixtures to gauge the natural sunlight and switch on and off automatically. These are perfect for outdoor use as they are made of weather-resistant material created for durability.

This can take your outdoor garage’s appeal to the next level.

6. Dusk to Dawn Black Outdoor Wall Lights (Set of 2)

Dusk to Dawn Black Outdoor Wall Lights

From dusk to dawn, these outdoor garage light fixtures are here to light up your garage area all night long.

You can make a statement with their design and this makes them one of the best lighting ideas for your garage. The lighter color of the inner surface of the lampshade enhances the intensity of light that emanates from the fixtures.

Install them on either side of the garage door or just over the door to create a well-lit-up atmosphere. Thanks to their matt-black finish and minimalistic design, these lighting fixtures can complement any design style you adopt for your outdoor garage.

7. Outdoor Black Finish Wall Lantern with Seeded Glass Shade

Outdoor Black Finish Wall Lantern with Seeded Glass Shade

Rustic exterior garage lighting ideas are a big hit with homeowners. Take a look at this lantern-shaped wall light which is so apt to be used on either side of your garage door.

As simple as it is, there is a subtle charm to this matt black light fixture.

The seeded glass panels against the geometric metal frame create visual drama. It is easy to maintain and is compatible with a 60 watts E26 base bulb to brighten up your garage area.

8. Seeded Glass Outdoor Porch Lantern Ceiling Hanging Fixture

Seeded Glass Outdoor Porch Lantern Ceiling Hanging Fixture

The last item on our list of best outdoor garage lighting ideas is this rectangular black matte finish light fixture.

Its robust frame and chain juxtaposed with the opaque seeded glass give a modern twist to the classy design.

This lantern ceiling light can be hung in front of the garage to enhance the beauty and safety of the place. The weather-resistant light can be paired with appropriate wall lights to spruce up your outdoor lighting theme.


1. Where should outdoor lights be placed in a garage? 

You can install light fixtures at different positions like:

  • 5-6 feet above the ground level on either side of the outdoor garage gate
  • Right over the garage door
  • Accent lights at the ground level
  • Within the garage, the lights can be suspended from the ceiling or fixed as ceiling lights
  • Wall lights on the side walls

2. What kind of lights should I put in my garage? 

You can use a variety of lights in your garage like:

  • Ceiling lights
  • Pendant lights
  • Wall lights
  • Accent lights
  • 3. What type of lighting is best for the outdoors? 

    The top 6 types of lights that can effectively enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home exteriors include:

  • Up and downlights
  • Floodlights
  • Spotlights
  • Task lights
  • String lights
  • 4. How do I get good lighting for my garage? 

    You can follow these steps to find the right lighting fixtures for your outdoor garage.

  • Thoroughly research lighting trends
  • Shortlist light fixtures based on their usage
  • Keep the dimension of your garage in mind before making a purchase
  • Go to the Claxy and choose the lights that please your heart
  • 5. What are the lights outside the garage called? 

    More often than not, light fixtures used outside a garage are wall-mounted, either on the sides of the gate or above it. These lights are called wall lights or wall sconces.

    Which Outdoor Garage Lighting Ideas Impressed You the Most?

    Each of the outdoor garage lighting ideas is stunning in its own way.

    If your garage has been a poorly lit, boring space all this while, it's time to jazz it up. Go ahead and give these outdoor garage lighting ideas a try and see how they transform the space.

    For more such lighting ideas and best in the market lighting fixtures, you can visit the Claxy and make your home a trendy and lively place.


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