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How to Choose a Matching Light Color during Decoration

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
How to Choose a Matching Light Color during Decoration

With years of experience working with interior designers, I know the place of light in the reflection of a room. Most novices believe that spending a lot of money is the only guarantee for the decoration that best suit their taste. However, a humble decoration perfectly adored by beautiful lights had come to set the difference between professional designers and amateur. For an individual that looks forward to the perfect design and decoration for their homes and offices however, it is no crime if you have a good knowledge on how to choose a light color that matches and complements your decoration.



What is the Essence of Light to a Decoration?

Decoration and lighting; as most expert designers would say, are two kids of the same parent. This is because as important as light is for the perfect combination and selection of decoration designs. A poorly chosen light color can have untold and horrible effect on your decoration color selection. Lights that affects decoration consist of two major categories: the natural sunlight and the artificial lights.

The first thing to note about is that the look of a room often changes with lightening pattern. When the angle of the natural light (sun) changes, such will the changes in look that the room will experience. For these reasons and many others however, light had been observed as one of the most important factors to consider for a designer when making his/her choices of color for a decoration.

Factors to Consider when Choosing Light color for Decoration

When engaging in a room decoration activity, there are several factors that should be considered. The color of the light to adopt is an important part of these factors. Below are few tips that should guide the choice of light color for anyone during decoration:



1.Have a Proper Understanding of The Color Wheel

Combining colors to produce a compound one can be a very herculean task for anyone. However, this remain one of the most important requirements that anyone looking to be a professional home designer must possess. Colors are no doubt diverse. The best way to observe the relationship between and among different colors is through the instrument of a color wheel. Those who has sufficient understanding of the color wheel already understands the color combination that will give a desired result. They can choose the right light color that matches a specific home design without a sweat.

2.Keep the Color Scheme Flowing

Color schemes within the color theory explanation are simply about the choice of colors employed in a specific design exercise. It simply suggests a combination of different colors of the same outlook. Namely, it is a good idea to mix monochromatic shades of a single color such as black and white with different bright shades of green, blue, yellow or any other color category. When employing it in the design of a home, it is often advisable that a designer observe consistency in the color scheme throughout the design process. The effect any chosen light would have on the design background would be uniform with only slight differences that gives the design a touch of excellence.


3.Consider the Brightness Or Otherwise of Your Proposed Design Location

Which angle is the design location? How wide is it to the presence of sunlight? What effect will sunlight have on the chosen color for design as well as the design color combinations? These are important factors every designer should consider when choosing the light color for their design. If a room is open to the presence of sunlight, sunlight is the major consideration upon the choice of design color. When evening sets in and the natural light is gone, choosing the best light color that matches the design color and complement its look is another factor a designer must consider. To this effect, those light fixtures whose colors are bright with sunny outlook will be the best to recommend.



4.Consider the Light Exterior Color That Will Best Fit Your Design

It is very important to consider the design pattern of the light while making choice for your decoration. This is because as important as it is to choose a light that matches the color of the background. it is also very important to choose a light with an exterior color design that matches the background of the design. If a pendant light with a body paint of blue is applied in a completely silver looking design background, it could create a riot in color and subsequently alter the overall look of the design.


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