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8 Gorgeous Flush Mounts That Change Your Bedroom from Drab to Fab

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
8 Gorgeous Flush Mounts That Change Your Bedroom from Drab to Fab

When picking a light fixture for your bedroom, you you need to consider a few things before you place an order: the size of your room, the height of your ceiling and how to layer your lighting. A good bedroom lighting plan can bring the tranquility and warmth you need for sleep. If you have a higher ceiling bedroom, feel free to choose chandeliers or pendant lights to add unique personality to your bedroom. In fact, there is a type of light fixtures that are perfect for ambient lighting regardless of the ceiling height of your bedroom. Flush-mount ceiling lights are the great candidates for bedroom. They can even change your bedroom from drab to fab. Find out more about the the trick that flush mounts can do from our list below.

1.Geometric Touch

This is a beach and coastal style bedroom that flaunts color palettes inspired by the sea. The room is the perfect combination of restful and rejuvenating decors. Its nautical color scheme including navy blue, coral and white delivers a soothing ambience that a bedroom should have. The flush mount ceiling light injects a bold geometric elegance to the room with its hexagonal cage shade. The geometric accent of the ceiling light fixture and the drapes provide a playful vibe to the coastal room together with the wavy pattern and the crimson hue on the bedding.

2.Understated Elegance

The bedroom seems to be traditional as it boasts neutral shades such as white, black and beige. However, the sage ottoman and teacup teal bed sheet stand out as an exciting visual element. Featuring a white finish, the glass ceiling light’s drum shade draws all eyes up with its modern sophistication portrayed by a unique wavy edge and a rounded hexagonal shape. The flush mounts’ wavy accent is echoed in the gently contoured headboard in taupe. The light fixture and the green hues brings a refined and rich texture to this otherwise dull bedroom.

3.Retro Revival

This drum ceiling light fixture offers a streamlined look, giving a timeless appeal to the bedroom. Flaunting a satin nickel finish, the flush mounts’ drum shade is crated of soft white etched glass. The classic look of the luminary perfectly complements, not detracts from, the midcentury theme of the room. Its white glass shade works well with the white wall and plays up an understated style. The citron and copper-tone brown bedding and the argent green chair reflect a selection of vintage-inspired color palettes that were popular in the 1960s. The painting depicting Marilyn Monroe is era-apt and brings a 1960’s vibe to the room.

4.Contemporary Pizzazz

Dominated by earth tones, the bedroom’s muted color scheme is steeped in shades of beige, mocha, gingerbread and beige brown. The brown and white beautiful patterned curtains and area rug add a sense of movement to the room. Dressed in a chrome finish, the crystal ceiling light offers a square silhouette that gives the space a geometric accent. The flush mount ceiling light fixture looks stunning hanging about the center of the bedroom. The jewel-like contemporary pizzazz of its clear royal cut crystal can instantly transform even the blandest design. It radiates a charming amber glow that adds warmth to the room.

5.Crystal Sparkle

The carpeted bedroom flaunts a complementary color palette of violet and brown. Decors in bright colors including violet headboard, bedding and chair liven up this otherwise neutral room. The drum shade of the flush mount ceiling light offers crisscross pattern while the crisscrossed frame houses a cluster of brilliant crystal strands. The glistening rounded silhouette of the light gives room an enchanted style and serves as a focal point. The luminary’s opulent crystals add panache and keep the room’s neutral color scheme from falling flat.

6.Aquatic Touch

The canopy bed’s caramel wood tone works well with medium wood tone of the floor, infusing a rustic chic to this transitional bedroom. The baby blue wall and the navy blue and sapphire blue shades in the painting give the room a coastal yet modern vibe. The Capiz shell flush mount ceiling light serves as a wow-worthy centerpiece that is guaranteed to turn heads. Hanging in multiple tiers from the classic round frame, those white shiny capiz shell discs give the room a high end look and aquatic touch with their sleek glamour.

7.Texture Boost

This is a kid-friendly space that is full of vibrant accent. The daffodil cushions and small pillows featuring rainbow color and wavy pattern provides an intense pop of color to the room. The flush mount ceiling light showcases a rounded trapezoid shade with pleated pattern. Featuring a satin nickel finish, it acts as an instant texture boost that fits just right in the room. The flush mount’s dusty white shade, the white wall and the wood floor create a perfect balance for the cheerful hues. The blanket’s black and white color palette is repeated in both the area rug and the cushions on the bed. The turquoise element on the little pillows is echoed in the bed sheet.

8.Farmhouse Chic

The rustic ceiling light’s trapezoid drum shade is in a vibrant marigold finish. The oak wood element and open wire cage in semigloss black enhance the farmhouse chic of the bedroom. Its beautiful dual finish encompasses both nature-inspired qualities and vintage elements, yet maintains a modern edge. Its marigold wood tone matches perfectly with the wood wall and the wood floor. The reclaimed wood wall brings a farmhouse vibe that feels calm and relaxed. The diamond accent in the room flowed from the drapes to the bedding.


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