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8 Bathroom Sconce Lighting Ideas to Try in Your Home

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
8 Bathroom Sconce Lighting Ideas to Try in Your Home

We all have to visit the bathroom regularly every day. Nowadays, a bathroom is more than just a place for answering nature's call, grooming, and taking a bath. We may transform our bathroom into a mini spa at home. In this way, we can spend more time in the bathroom to pamper ourselves with an aromatic bubble bath and our favorite music, which will beat our fatigue after a day’s hard work. It has become a peaceful and serene retreat for meditation and relaxation. To create a spa-like atmosphere in the bathroom, ample lighting is important. Wall lights are ideal for providing lighting in one of the most frequently used rooms of the house. A bathroom sconce is attached directly to the wall, preventing the need for additional floor space. Feel free to try some of our bathroom sconce lighting ideas to glam up your bathroom.



1.Flank the Vanity for Even Illumination


A duo of two-light bathroom sconces flaunt shiny teardrop crystal pendants and transparent scrolling arms. Their candle-style lights and canopy feature a warm brass finish that goes well with the crystal table lamp and the tapware. They somehow enhance the luxurious touch of the embossed white oval mirror and the white cabinets. Flanking the ornate mirror, they provide more even illumination for grooming with little glare. Brass is a perfect complementary color to the pink wall, pink ottoman, and the pink accent of the chair, bringing a bit of elegance and feminine vibe to this shabby-chic bathroom.



2.Mount the Sconces to the Mirror


A pair of glass bathroom sconces showcase oval clear glass shades and gleaming chrome finish which blends well with the tapware, the pulls, and the hangers. These glass wall lights inject a modern vibe and convey an understated grace to the room. The cabinets, the door, and the toilet all in white offer the neutral foil for the wall lights and the air force blue wall to pop. The glass wall sconces directly mounted to the mirror double their lighting impact for grooming and provide great task lighting. The blue wall and the warm glow of wall lights radiate a calming sense of serenity that makes everyone in the bathroom feel relaxed.



3.Create a Unified Look


When it comes to choosing the right finish for a light fixture, it is always a safe idea to match the luminary’s finish with other furnishings. A trio of wall sconces sport white glass bell shades with their ends curving up a bit. Their glass shades are well suited to the white furnishings while their glossy gold finish sweeps throughout this lovely bathroom. The gilded accent of the light fixtures, the pulls, tapware, towel hangers, and shower head packs quite a punch to the space and emits a graceful feel. It serves as a perfect finishing touch that somehow ties the decors of a room together.



4.Floral Wall Sconces for an Artistic Touch


To usher in an artistic touch to the bathroom, go for the bathroom sconce flaunting a floral accent. This mini wall lamp’s beige trapezoid fabric drum shade gives the space a refined look. Its arms attached to the canopy extend upward and are interspersed with a myriad of sparkling crystal beads, resembling the tiny flowers on the twigs. The drum shade looks more like the biggest flower on the scrolling arm. Its arms and canopy boast a caramel brown finish which works well with the window and the mirror frame. Its beige drum shade is a great fit for the beige cabinet and the beige wall.



5.Let the Shimmer Shine


To add an eyecatching focal point, just let those shimmery bathroom sconces shine. A pair of wall lamps in this contemporary bathroom show off two exposed bulbs backed by a disk respectively. The disks, lampholders, and backplates show off a brass finish, introducing a dazzling eye candy into the space. Their brass finish offsets the green wall and the white furnishings and fits well with the brown decors. The light fixtures’ art deco accent provides an interesting twist and exciting visual element. The green plants in the room bring an organic vibe and are the right fit for the green tiles.



6.Glam up with Crystals


To save a bathroom from being boring, a little bit of crystal accent will do the trick. Just like the duo of the bathroom sconces in this traditional bathroom. Tapering on the cascading silhouette, tiers of pear-shaped crystal beads give the room a dramatic decorative impact. Crystal accents always add panache to a lighting fixture and create a show-stopping look that is sure to grab a few glances. Their polish nickel finish coordinates with the brown bird decors on the countertop and the syrup brown cabinet. The luminaries reflect an enviously rich downlight and will provide ample illumination for grooming.



7.Pep up the Room with Colorful Shades


Try to breathe new life into the bathroom with bright-colored wall light. This mini bathroom sconce catches everyone’s eye with a passionate red lampshade. Its pleated trapezoid drum shade gives the room an instant uplift and its swing arm allows a horizontal pivot to suit your different lighting needs. The chrome finish of its canopy and swing arm partners nicely with tapware and the pulls. The tartan seamless pattern wallpaper featuring red, white, black, and green accentuates the vibrant color of the light fixture. The luminary stands out from the cabinets, photo frames, and window frames in syrup brown wood tone.



8.Grace the Space with Vintage Sconces


To grace a Mediterranean bathroom like this, all you need is a couple of vintage bathroom sconces. A duet of swing arm wall lamps and a plug-in wall light impart a muted elegance to the room with their clear glass bell shades. They are installed above the mirrors and the bathtub to ensure there will be sufficient light for taking a bath and grooming. Their matte black finish sends out a vintage industrial feel and brings the bathroom up to the next level. The luminaries play well with the multicolored tile that introduces touches of trademark Mediterranean black and blue patterns.


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