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6 Dining Room Chandeliers That Style up Your Dining Space

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
6 Dining Room Chandeliers That Style up Your Dining Space

Today, dining room has become a multi-functional space since it can be used for entertainment, get-together with family members or friends, and even working from home. Finding a right light fixture for your dining room is never an easy task. You should not only figure out the proper chandelier width and hanging height, but also have to consider whether the luminary you choose can blend nicely into your existing decor. A perfect dining room chandelier serves as a decorative piece as well as a statement maker in your dining space. It can be used to style up your interiors and bring refined touch to modern, transitional, minimalist and farmhouse rooms. Let yourself be spoiled with these gorgeous chandeliers to get inspired.

1.The Drum Chandelier Boasts Crystal Accent

If your dining room showcases a pared-down design, an eye-catching fixture is a good way to spice up a relatively boring room. With a chrome finish, this dining room chandelier livens up the interior with a bit of bling. Boasting a myriad of crystal bead garland strands featuring varied shapes of pendants, it amps up the luxe factor in the room. Its beige fabric shade fits well with the plain-colored window frame, walls and the upholstery. It offers a strong contrast in color to the wood tones of the floor and the table. Flaunting vertical stripes, its drum shade introduces a dose of texture and conveys an aura of elegance to the space. If you are looking for a glamorous fixture to elevate your space, it will definitely do the trick.

2.The Wood Chandelier Delivers French Country Vibe

This dining room chandelier’s column and scrolling arms flaunt sculpted details of wooden flower with wooden pendants draping on top, which lends a French country flair and contributes much to the visual impact of this simply-furnished room. Oozing a cottage chic, this dining room showcases a classic color palette of neutral and blue. The wood light fixture and the chairs carry the distressed beige color through the space. The mahogany table top and the wood flooring add depth and elegance to the subtle space. The calming aegean hue of the rug and the painting give the room a sophisticated style and a refined touch.

3.The Wood-beaded Chandelier Gives the Room a Boho Chic

The wood-beaded dining room chandelier serves as an awe-inspiring centerpiece in the dining room dominated by neutral tones. You can hardly go wrong with a neutral color scheme. Infusing a boho chic into the room, the fixture’s draping white wood bead strands create an open, pastoral look and seamlessly blend with the neutral color palette. The beaded curtain diffuses light from five candelabra-inspired bulbs, injecting a airy feel to the space. With a monochromatic base of neutrals, it takes a twist here in the room. The caramel and white striped chair covers and the tawny amber linen chair covers make for a dramatic play on hues and materials. They add a hint of something a little different and still remain in keeping with the room’s overall theme.

4.Glass Chandelier Makes a Show-stopping Addition

This traditional dining room is characterized by different shades of brown. The light fixture, plants and the furniture set the tone and scheme for the room. The six-light dining room chandelier flaunts a dark brown finish. The chairs are upholstered in tortilla while the round dining table is in cinnamon. The plants in the room bring out an organic theme. The luminary’s curved arms, seeded glass shades and candelabra-inspired lights largely resembles little flowers on the twigs while the chair covers conform to theme with their floral patterns. The lilac and dandelion drapes introduce surprising pops of color and add excitement to this otherwise boring space.

5.Candle Chandelier Radiates Vintage-inspired Styless

The dining room chandelier’s oil rubbed bronze finish keeps the fixture in tune with black brown tone of the dining table, the bench and the cabinet. Flaunting six candelabra-inspired lights and six scrolling arms, the candle chandelier instills retro chic into the dining room. This rustic dining room’s furniture, flooring and wall are all in neutral and plain colors. They are somehow need to be energized by some bold hues. The green plant, the painting and the area rug in tangerine and green serve as a complementary color scheme to add the rustic major glamour to the room. The wood tones and the plants bring natural touch and a ton of texture.

6.Spherical Chandelier Enhances the Room’s Farmhouse Vibe

The farmhouse dining room boasts three shades of wood tones. This spherical dining room chandelier encompasses three distressed wooden circles. Inspired by an ancient armillary sphere, it offers bold geometric accent to the room. It hangs gracefully above the dining table, contributing a playful, airy aesthetic. The fixture share the same beige brown tone with the dining table, the bench and the cabinet. The chairs feature both beige brown and nut brown while the flooring is also in nut brown. The window frames are in a brisk orange brown, revitalizing this farmhouse dining space with splash of color. The wooden decors incorporate nature-inspired qualities with a traditional character, yet maintains a modern edge.


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