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5 Awe-inspiring Ideas to Decorate with a Chandelier

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07

Capturing attention in a way other fixtures can't, chandeliers make a great focal point in any interior design without stealing valuable floor space. Being gorgeous and coming in different sizes, shades and materials, their glamour can transform your space. They are absolutely lovely pieces of art that stand out in the room and attract everyone’s attention. Let’s take a look at some eye-catching chandeliers and get inspired to give a makeover to your space.

In the Entryway

An awesome statement chandelier in your entryway does a good job in impressing your visitors. Finished in semigloss black, this crystal light fixture blends seamlessly into the dark-colored decor scheme, including the black door, black picture frame, brown wood flooring and brown wood bench. The decor scheme injects a dose of vintage inspired charm to the interior. The light fixture’s crystal bead strands draping symmetrically along the cube shade stand out and liven up the entryway with a touch of sparkle. Its cubic shade completes the aesthetic and a refined touch to the living space with its bold geometric accent. It can definitely be a piece of art to wow your guests right after they enter the house.

In the Living Room

This stylish living room’s color scheme features both warm colors and a neutral color including taupe gray, dandelion and white. The pillow covers, table lamp body, the painting and the rug carry the vivid dandelion through the space. Finished in weathered beige, the outer wooden cage of the light fixture goes well with the dynamic dandelion and add visual interest to the space. With a splash of white, the muted taupe gray dominates the space and matches the rusty dark brown finish of mini chandelier inside the wooden shade. The light fixture delivers a farmhouse-inspired style and complements the wood flooring and furnishings. The space is further livened up with the maple leaf crystal garland strands hanging on the light fixture

In the Dining Room

The rustic cottage-styled dining room featuring a cathedral ceiling creates the illusion that the room is larger because of the added vertical volume. A hardwood floor sits beneath a cathedral ceiling in natural wood, crossed with exposed wood beams. A singular chandelier suspends from the beam over a set of cottage-styled furniture. With three circular bands wrapped together, the light fixture offers an open design of a drum shade. The light fixture’s rustic-inspired quality and dual finish contribute so much to the visual impact of the space. Warming up a white scheme, the natural wood tones in the room are a great complement to the white French window and the white wall and this simple combination gives this cottage styled room a modern feel.

In the Bedroom

As a retreat at the end of the day, a bedroom should be cozy and quiet. This bedroom appears to be more spacious with a cathedral ceiling. It flaunts a triadic color schemes including gray, calming blue and butter. Layering different shades of calming blue adds unexpected textures to the room. The gray and blue bedding creates an understated look and keeps the bedroom serene and relaxing. The abstract painting on the wall somehow adds a chilled-out style to the space. The wood beaded chandelier enhances the bedroom’s farmhouse vibe radiated by the wooden ceiling and wood flooring. It is characterized by rounded silhouette with beige wood beads that lends a breezy and laid-back touch. The wood tones team up with the gray and butter rug to exude a soothing and tranquil energy.

In the Kitchen

The white color on the walls and windows makes the kitchen look bright and airy. The tan wood tones of the island, cabinet and chairs bring nature-inspired element and a country-chic style to the room. A white marble slab provides a striking contrast with wood tones of the island yet maintains consistent with the walls and windows. The tan wood flooring keeps the room grounded and infuses a dose of texture to the space. Displaying multiple arms extending from a center sphere, this sputnik chandelier introduces a touch of boldness and metallic glitz to the room. It is a cosmic work of art that adds depth to the room. It also serve as an eye-catching addition to any indoor space that is lacking the wow-factor you've been looking for.


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