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12 Coolest Industrial Decorating Ideas You Should Know

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
12 Coolest Industrial Decorating Ideas You Should Know

In recent years, the prevalence of industrial decor style continues to rise. Nevertheless it is definitely a brilliant idea to incorporate industrial decor into your space if you planning to give a remodel to the whole house or just a single room. The industrial style, also known as loft style, embraces the timeworn, recycled and reclaimed things found in factories, farm equipment, shipyard building materials, gears and restaurant supplies. Industrial decor is about displaying everything daringly and creating no-frills and laid-back aesthetic. Industrial style decoration consists of bare brick wall, open shelving, exposed beams, ductwork, and pipes, industrial pendants, rolling carts and many more. Check out the coolest industrial decorating ideas we have rounded up for you and get inspired to try it yourselves.

Industrial Dining Room Ideas:


1.Raw Brick Walls and String Lights

Exposed brick-walls are common in warehouses and manufacturing factories. Bare or broken brick wall is one of the staples of industrial decor. To leave the structural elements exposed is a brilliant idea to add character to industrial decoration. The stringed mason jar light casts a lovely glow to the industrial space and works well with the reclaimed wood dining table.

2.Exposed Pipes and Rolling Cart

If you happen to have exposed pipes in your space, please leave them as they are. Industrial spaces are often spacious rooms that feature such element. This dining table is crafted of distressed wood and supported by exposed plumbing pipes. As a piece of industrial decor, it offers a perfect marriage of both industrial and farmhouse touch along side with the small rolling cart table.

3.Industrial Pendant Lights

Two industrial-inspired dome-shaded pendant lights in the dining room largely resemble the warehouse fixtures. Their dark brown finish is compatible with the upholstery of chairs and the wood tone in the room. These industrial pendants inject a dash of vintage vibe into the industrial decor scheme.

Industrial Living Room Ideas:

1.Caged Pendant Light

Finished in black, this caged light boasts an industrial workshop inspired style. Its open metal wire cage showcases an architectural shape that adds a modern industrial look to any space of a home. The open cage emits a subtle and diffused glow to the room. Its black finish is well-suited to other home decors in dark tones.

2.Concrete Floor and Track Lighting

To take on an old warehouse look, opt for stained concrete finish. It is a great finish with its versatility. Concrete can be used on floors, countertops, sinks, bathtubs, fireplaces and even light fixtures and dining tables. As an industrial hallmark, track lights are a smart choice for ambient lighting of the industrial interior.

3.Fluffy Area Rug

This blue and white fluffy area rug brings texture to the room. It softens the masculine look and bring some visual interest into the room. It pairs just perfectly with the nighttime blue sofas in colors and offers a contrast between the industrial decors and itself.

Industrial Bedroom Ideas

1.Exposed Ductwork and Beam

If there are exposed ductworks and beams in your house, just keep things as they are. They are actually one of the staples of industrial decor. They look edgy and rough, indicating that there is nothing to hide. Now they only act as a decorative feature since they are no longer architectural elements. The warm hues in the room subdue the coolness of the industrial decors.

2.Open Shelves

Open shelves provide ample space for storage and is a piece of indispensable furniture in your bedroom. You can put your tea set, plants, books and other everyday necessity or decorative objects on the shelve on display. It will eventually turn into an eye-catching centerpiece in your industrial bedroom.

3.Faded Rugs

To warm up your industrial bedroom floor, there should be a faded rug near your bed. This faded rug fits well with the distressed wood tone and stained brick wall, which adds a historical depth to an industrial space. The rug brings visual balance to the industrial decor by contrasting with the industrial features.

Industrial Kitchen Ideas

1.Metal-and-wood Stools

The metal-and-wood stools in the kitchen look like the chairs used by assembly line workers. As a hallmark of industrial decor, their simple design blends nicely into this minimalist kitchen.

2.Stainless Steel Appliance and Metal & Glass Pendants

The stainless-steel bar stools and cabinetry introduce a touch of metallic glitz to this streamlined industrial kitchen. These sleek clear glass pendant lights are crafted of metal and glass which are both industrial materials. The pendant light’s chrome finish goes well with the stainless-steel decors.

3.Wire Baskets

Wire baskets are visually appealing enough to be a decorative piece in an industrial kitchen. It is a great container for storing your vegetables, fruits, plants, spice jars and even tea sets. They are also a smart idea to put your cluttered kitchen in order.


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