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10 Drum Chandelier Lighting Ideas to Liven up Your Home

by remy-claxy - 2022-11-20 02:23:07
10 Drum Chandelier Lighting Ideas to Liven up Your Home


A stunning drum-shaped chandelier can not only provide fabulous lighting effect but also set the tone for the space. It creates an instant focal point that can’t be distracted from the existing furnishings and will be a good candidate for both ambient and task lighting. It will add drama to your interior and bring you room to the next level. If you ran out of ideas to update your rooms in a budget-savvy way, why not turn to a drum chandelier? It can be just what you need. Scroll down and see if you can get inspired by these lovely drum chandeliers.



1.Crystal and Gridwork


Flaunting a gridwork accented with dangling faceted crystal beads, the drum chandelier makes an awe-inspiring statement in the living room. Opulent crystals always add panache to the luminary while imparting a gleaming flair. Providing a radiant look and an awesome glow, the light fixture brings an element of surprise and whimsy along with the sunburst wall decor. Its dark brown finish repeats in the wall paper and the chairs. The tawny wood tone of the furnishings and the taupe sofa provide the neutral foil for the light fixture, the pink throw and flowers to pop.



2.Brass and Crisscrossed Accent


With a brass finish, the drum shade of this iron chandelier shines in the room with a boost of sparkle. The shade features a crisscrossed accent while the pastel blue area rug repeats such accent, making for an attention-grabbing addition. Its warm brass color is fitting for the latte wood tone of the chairs and somehow ties the decors together. The pastel blue upholstery of the chairs, area rug and pink roses are suggested by color blocks in the artwork, injecting a refined touch to the room along with the chandelier.



3.Wavy and White


Constructed of white and beige fabric, the drum chandelier lighting boasts an elongated drum shade. Its wavy accent and elongated shade make it largely resemble the traditional Asian lanterns. The chequered pattern drenches the fabric shade, serving as an elegant finishing touch for the room. With a beige hue, the light fixture coordinates with the beige wood tone and area rug and blends seamlessly into the space. The white and beige color palette in the room allows the red chairs to pop and shows off room’s personality.



4.Green and Floral


Incorporating three mini drum shades, the chandelier is suspended from three angled rods from the canopy. Accented with floral patterns, the mini olive drum shades revitalize the dining room with a cheerful splash of color. Its graceful look adds an unexpected sweetness and a designer look to the space. The vibrantly hued art piece on the wall brings out orange and baby blue from the showpiece and bowl on the tables. The syrup wood tone of the furniture provides a rich backdrop for the intense colors.


5.Scalloped and Floral


The drum chandelier flaunts a white linen shade that showcases a scalloped style. Its cloud-like silhouette instills a refined touch and gives major glamour to the room. Its scrolling arms and candlestick lights in dark finish radiate a hint of vintage-inspired charm. It is a stunning focal point drawing the eye upward while it casts pleasant light rays to soothe your nerves. The walls, ottoman, arm chair, and the pillows in pale teal energize the neutral color palette with a vivid hue. The light fixture, the white ceiling, and bedding in taupe provide the perfect backdrop for this accent color.



6.Oval and Metal


The metal shade of this drum chandelier encircles a smaller fabric drum shade in white. Boasting an airy look, the metal outer drum shade is adorned by conjoining oval accent. This double-drum-shade chandelier’s distressed bronze finish ushers in a muted style in the room. This five-light luminary emits a warm and lovely glow to make the room a cozy space. It partners perfectly with the tawny wood tone, the ottoman, the table lamps, and the armchair for a refreshing touch. These decors serve as a neutral base for the vibrant and audacious splashes of terracotta, olive and daffodil. The vibrant colors convey a timeless Mediterranean vibe while the neutral base keeps the bright hues from going too far.


7.Red and Fabric


The drum chandelier preps up this traditional kitchen with its passionate red hue. Its fabric drum shade and those dangling mahogany pendants showcase a resplendent yet breezy style. The light fixture pairs nicely with the red chairs and provides contrast to beige cabinets, orange roller shades, and caramel wood tone. The neutral cabinetry allows the dynamic color to shine while the light fixture and the red chairs somehow help to hang the look together.



8.Hourglass and Cantaloupe


This large drum chandelier in cantaloupe shows off an hourglass-inspired design. It is a funny addition to this transitional kitchen and exudes gorgeous light rays to bring warmth to the kitchen. The luminary’s cantaloupe color perfectly complements the taupe sofa, tortilla cabinets, and the walnut wood floor. These neutral furnishings accentuates the bright colors of the light fixture and other furnishings. The chairs, pillows, and flowers in red spread the joyous color palette around the space and add zing to the kitchen.



9.Tiered and Crystal


Featuring tiered drum shades, the drum chandelier hints at a modern take on crystal luminaries. A plethora of clear crystal balls are embedded into a sophisticated metalwork in orb silhouette to create an eye-catching centerpiece. Its crystal accent gives the bathroom a glint of glamour and luxurious decorative impact. The double linen drum shades in beige display a muted style to make the room a serene retreat to relax. The crystal chandelier stands out from the white ceiling and the white wall while its beige shades and warm brass finish go well with the syrup wood tone and the taupe vanity tops.



10.Silver and Disk Strands


A myriad of disk strands dramatically draping along the metal frame of the chandelier lighting and create the illusion of full drum shades. The metallic disks give a shiny effect which gleams and reflects fantastic colors when lit. Its silverish finish injects a glint of glamour and eye appeal to this transitional bathroom. The luminary’s glossy look is well-suited to the stainless steel furnishings. This pairing adds visual interest and texture to the bathroom without being totally drab. Along with the wall lights in chrome finish, the light fixture pulls the space together in contemporary way.


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