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About Us

Who we are?

Claxy manufactures Decorative Lighting Fixtures that are sold online through our dedicated website. We, at Claxy, are committed to research, design and develop; beautiful and efficient lighting fixtures for you.

Your home is where you belong. It should be a mirror image of your personality & individuality. Claxy offers a broad spectrum of choices for lighting fixtures, lighting solutions & design inspiration to create a warm & cozy ambiance in your home.

Premium quality power-efficient lighting fixtures with exquisite craftsmanship is our forte. Launched in 2010 with the vision to offer our customers products that maintain a high performance to low-cost ratio. We wanted our customers to have an incomparable shopping experience and this is what makes Claxy the most sought after lighting fixture online retailer.

Our Products

Whether you want to give your home a lighting makeover or have moved into a new house and want to infuse your personality into your home’s interior, Claxy is your go-to online shop. Claxy offers a vast variety of high-quality lighting fixtures at the best prices whilst fulfilling both the essential requirements – functionality and style. Over the years we have shown just how much we care about the importance of lights and its impact on your mood, energy and lives.

The right kind of lighting livens up your home and makes it a lovely space that showcases your personality. We assist you in enhancing either your kitchen, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, foyer, living room or hallway.

No matter the kind of lighting fixtures – Chandeliers, Ceiling Lights, Wall Lights or Pendant Lights, we have just the products to go with your home’s decor & overall design theme.


Explore Claxy’s exclusive collection of over 700 decorative lighting fixtures.


Customer service is our priority & satisfied customers make us light up.


Free Shipping & Easy Returns = Hassle-free Buying.

Our Service

Claxy emphasizes on providing the most competent service possible and our customer’s feedback is a testimony to this. We are dedicated to consistently improving our service. In case of any customer complaints or after-sales grievance, we are happy to help. We believe in welcoming feedback with a smile and open arms.

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