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Take a Simple Space to the Next Level with a Contemporary Chandelier

by Remy-Claxy - 2024-05-17 17:46:27
Take a Simple Space to the Next Level with a Contemporary Chandelier

When you are planning a home renovation, you may need to replace your existing light fixtures with new ones. Is there any kind of light fixture that works magic in taking a simple space to the next level? The answer is Yes. The light fixture we are talking about today is something with a real wow factor and can elevate a simple space. Contemporary chandelier lighting combines traditional design aspects and modern fixtures to create a simplistic yet highly unique style. This type of chandelier can fit in seamlessly with your existing decors and create a style that looks cohesive. Adding a contemporary chandelier to residential spaces is probably one of the easiest ways to upgrade your decor without a complete remodel.


Contemporary chandeliers boast sophisticated, beautiful designs. Due to their elaborate nature, they can be a statement lighting piece for any room. The advantages of choosing contemporary chandelier lighting for your home are more than those basic benefits that are easily noticed. In contrast, they can improve your home on many levels and add a missing design element to every room. Therefore, displaying this distinct light fixture in more areas of your home will only improve the overall look and style. They are the style option that is most conducive for use within your home. Scroll on to see different contemporary chandeliers that can act as a focal point and upgrade your space.



1. A Pair of Contemporary Chandeliers Stand out as an Exciting Visual Element


Crafted of impurity-free seeded glass, a pair of contemporary chandeliers hanging above the kitchen island stand out as an exciting visual element. The Moravian star glass shade is exquisitely hand-welded. Being dressed in a rustproof gold finish, the contemporary chandeliers highlight your living space with their metallic shimmer. They incorporate both luxurious elements and a modern vibe into the kitchen. With opaque and dreamy seeded glass, they emit a warm and beautiful glow to create a pleasant ambiance. The glistening finish contrasts the glass panels and adds alluring eye appeal to the kitchen. The gold chandeliers, the navy blue kitchen island, the gold-and-white chairs, and the blue-and-white roller shades paired together are reminiscent of the sky, sand and water and enhance the kitchen’s beachy appeal.



2. The Contemporary Chandelier for Dining Room Adds a Dose of Edge and Drama


The large contemporary chandelier’s canopy, arms, and lamp holders flaunt a brass finish, bringing a dash of metallic glitz to your living space. Crafted from impurity-free hand-blown opaque milk glass, the chandelier provides the perfect blend of mid-century classic and contemporary elements. The glass shades are supported by slender arms that intersect and extend outward in every direction. The arms are held aloft by a sturdy downrod for a touch of elegance. The contemporary chandelier’s milk glass shades contrast and compete with the brass finish, adding a ton of eye appeal and enhancing the piece's visual interest and beauty even further. The brass chandelier, the red drapes, and the green vases add a dose of edge and drama to the dining room and give the room a snappy look.



3. The 3-light Contemporary Chandelier Lighting Brings a Modern Pizzazz to the Dining Room


Sporting an electrophoretic brass finish, the 3-light contemporary chandelier lighting’s canopy and lamp holders lend a glitzy sparkle to the dining room. It consists of three clear glass cylinder shades suspended at varied lengths. Its gleaming finish contrasts the lampshades and adds eye appeal to the space. Crafted from impurity-free hand-blown glass, its cylinder shades encircle the bulbs and flaunt geometric patterns on the surface. The light fixture diffuses awesome light rays from the glass shades to make the room dainty, romantic, and dreamy. It commands attention and draws the eye upward to its crystal-clear lampshades. It is a breath-taking addition to the space with its modern pizzazz. The light fixture and the yellow dining chairs make for a warm and calming color palette and create a relaxing atmosphere for dining.



4. The Crystal Contemporary Chandeliers are Sure to be a Conversation Starter for the Space


The crystal contemporary chandeliers’ canopy and lamp holder shows off a gleaming electrophoretic gold finish, pepping up the kitchen with a touch of glitz. A myriad of dazzling octagonal crystal beads are clustered together to form a globe shade, delivering a huge dose of contemporary sparkle and shine to the space. Offering a sleek spherical silhouette, they lend a touch of geometry and complete the aesthetic with a surprising twist. Their opulent crystal accent adds panache to lighting fixtures and gives the space a luxurious touch. Being a wow-worthy addition to any space, they are sure to be a conversation starter that draws the eye upward to a beautiful display of crystal and metal. Their gold finish pairs nicely with the tawny wood tone and adds just the right amount of color to the kitchen alongside the decor in orange and red.



5. The Large Contemporary Chandelier Introduces Bold Geometric Accent to the Living Room


The 7-light large contemporary chandelier’s canopy, central parts of the hanging cords, and lamp holders flaunt an electrophoretic brass finish, pepping up the living room with a touch of glitz. Showcasing a cluster of opal glass globes hanging from the canopy at different lengths, it completes the aesthetic with an elegant touch. The rounded profile of the lampshades introduces a bold geometric accent to the living room, softens the clean lines of modern spaces, and adds a bit of coziness. The large contemporary chandelier provides a perfect blend of edgy, sculptural silhouettes and mid-century modern elements. The large contemporary chandelier’s milk glass globe shades are compatible with the white ceilings and the white walls while its brass finish is a right fit for the tawny wood decors. The light fixture, the navy blue sofa, and the coral pink armchairs brighten up the space and add unbeatable character to the room.



6. A Large Contemporary Chandelier Brings out the Wow Factor of the Space


The large contemporary chandelier’s canopy, arms, hanging rod, and lamp holders flaunt a brass finish, bringing a dash of metallic shimmer to the dining space. Crafted from impurity-free hand-blown opaque milk glass and metal, the chandelier incorporates a shiny accent and contemporary elements. Featuring an edgy look, it brings out the wow factor of the space. The glass shades are supported by slender arms that extend outward and bounce off light in every direction. A charming glow shines through the globe shades, creating intriguing light effects and shades. The arms are held aloft by a sturdy downrod for a touch of elegance. Its milk glass shades and the brass finish make for a perfect contrast in the dining room. Its gold finish is a perfect complement to the gingerbread wood dining table and the tortilla dining chair.


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