Wood Wall Sconce

Wood wall sconce introduces warmth, pastoral appeal and rustic sophistication to your aesthetic. Check out our wood wall sconce selection on claxy.com and search for the ideal wood wall sconces for your space.

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Wood wall sconce adds a bit of rustic charm to a hallway or entryway, and is a functional and beautiful element to any space. These wood wall lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing property owners to create a customized look to fit their needs. Though these sconces are typically decorative, others can be very simplistic, and allow a space to be well lit but not overdone with detail. It is versatile enough for an ultra-modern home but work well in a rustic space too. Wood wall sconce provides a comfortable amount of light, but minimize energy use as well. It works well to provide a safe walking path down a hallway. Place it in the dining room or bedroom for a softer, more intimate atmosphere. It also works well in smaller spaces, depending on the size selected. Wood wall sconces can also be used in entryways to create a beautiful statement with minimal light.