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Reward Points is the Loyalty Program offered by CLAXY to its customers. Registered customers can earn points on purchasing products and redeem the points earned on future transactions on CLAXY.

Note: Your orders’ reward points will automatically be added to your account based on the order status. Please contact us if your order status is “Complete, Delivered, In Production/Preparation, Ready to Ship or Shipped” but the points are not available.

  1. How canI register for reward points?

All existing account holders do not need to re-register. They can get points using existing login details. If you wanna earn points, you need to register first.

  1. How much canI earn from buying products?

For each one dollar spent (excluding shipping cost), you earn one reward point.

The example below will help you determine the value of your points:

Amount Spent (excluding shipping cost): 200 USD

Points Earned: 200 Points

  1. How much are my rewards points worth?

Each 100 reward points can be redeemed for 1 USD.

Rewards Points Amount in USD
100 Points 1 USD
300 Points 3 USD
600 Points 6 USD
X Points X/100 USD


  1. How else can I earn reward points?

Receive 10 points for customer sign-up.

Like a product on Facebook to get 3 reward points.

Tweet a product on Twitter to get 3 reward points.

Share a product on Pinterest to get 3 reward points.

Refer a friend and receive 10 points for his/her sign-up.

Refer a friend and receive points for his/her first 3 orders.

  1. How many maximum points can be redeemed per purchase?

You can spend up to 10% of your subtotal in one order. Points can’t be used to pay for shipping cost.

Subtotal (Excluding Freight) Maximum Points (which can be redeemed)
10 USD (10*10%)*100=100 Points (1 USD)
100 USD (100*10%)*100=1000 Points (10 USD)
150 USD (150*10%)*100=1500 Points (15 USD)
200 USD (200*10%)*100=2000 Points (20 USD)
300 USD (300*10%)*100=3000 Points (30 USD)
X USD (X*10%)*100=Y Points (X/10 USD)


  1.  How many minimum points are required to redeem?

A minimum balance of 100 points is required to redeem per purchase.

  1. My pending points got deducted. Why?

There are 3 cases in which pending points could be deducted

  1. If you return the order or a part of it, points will get deducted accordingly
  2. If you cancel the product or reject the order, the points issued for that order will be debited from your account.
  3. If your points get expired.


  1.  Will my points expire?

Yes. Points will expire in six months (180 days) since the date of their issue.

  1. I am not able to receive points for placing on order. Why?

If you haven’t received any points for the order placed, please contact us. We will make sure that any discrepancy is resolved at the earliest. Please note you can’t receive points for unpaid orders.


  1.  I have multiple accounts at CLAXY. Can I collect points in my multiple accounts?

No, you can’t collect points in multiple accounts. To enjoy the full benefits of the program, we advise you to use a single account to make all your transactions.


  1. How can I earn and spend these points

To earn and spend reward points, you need to have a registered account.

  1. Log in your account, navigate to “My Reward Points” to checkpoints summary.
  2. You can spend your points in the shopping cart.
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