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Lyra S.

I didn't expect the 4000k to look quite so blue. It's not the most flattering light color for bedrooms. If you are installing into an older junction box, the placement of the screws in this fixture are too wide. I was only able to install with one screw, when it should have two. It is lightweight, so it stayed up fine, but I obviously would have preferred something that is hardwired in, to have proper mounting. The fixture itself is pretty and offers a unique take on relatively low profile lighting fixtures.

Gigi Ghoul

These lights are nice. Unique. I love that they’re wood and black. They match my home decor perfect. The only thing I dislike is they’re a little dimmer than I’d prefer but I have plenty of lights in that area so it’s not a huge downfall.

Erroll Ends

I have used a light that looks just like this in a rental and love it and so got this pack of two lights. Im working in our new house and the old light in the hall was hanging weird and got hit with a ladder, fell and shattered and I popped this up. It was easy to install, it looks great and is nice and bright. The only critique I have on this is that is doesn't fit real tight to the ceiling and there is not really a way to adjust it or get it to fit tighter. Good light overall, metal and real wood on the outside.

keyser soosie

We're updating the lobby in my building and thought these lights will modernize the area. We installed one as a test run, and it was very bright. The only issue we ran into were that the preexisting light fixture had brackets that would not fit with this one. We had to purchase additional parts to get these installed. That is delayed as we want to finish up painting and then installing the light fixtures last. Looking forward to a more modern look soon!


The TEENYO 2-Pack LED Ceiling Lights really impress me! The atmosphere in my home has been completely changed by these lights. The modern, minimalist style lends a touch of refinement to any space, whether it is the living room, hallway, or foyer. White and wood together produce a modern appearance that melds well with any design. The 4000K color temperature of warm white light creates a warm and welcoming ambiance. The lights are energy-efficient, and installation was simple. Outstanding quality and durability guarantee sustained performance. To anyone wishing to improve their experience with home lighting, I wholeheartedly recommend the TEENYO LED Ceiling Lights. Definitely a terrific product!



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