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Tara Warner 

These lights were fairly straightforward to install with the plug-in assembly method. The wall plates were a little bit tricky and I needed three hands a couple of times, but they went up quickly and sturdily. Nice aesthetic delivered just the look I was going for.


These sconces turned out so pretty!! I hung them on my own and have never hung anything electrical before. I used them as plug in sconces. They’re really a steal for the quality. I bought cord cover from Lowe’s to wide the cords and give them a more finished look. Highly recommend!


I wanted two new bedside lamps and was replacing other inexpensive stand-up lamps. My daughter and I installed both lamps to plug-in in about 45 minutes and they feel solid. I was worried they would be loose and cheap-feeling/looking. I'm pleased at the quality.


Easy to install.....excellent quality, beautiful brass colour not cheap looking. The quality of the linen shades are excellent and pretty. Would definitely buy again.

David Duffy

Bought these for our son's nursery and holy smokes- they just push the style element to the next level. Only recommendation would be to buy 5x6" lampshades separately and use those. The shades that come with these are too large for my personal preference and look a bit silly. We also did not hard wire these since we are renters and just bought longer cords off Amazon to use for install and wire molding to cover cord.


Good quality. They look great on each side of the bed. I put a puck light in them, so they are on a remote.

Kindle Customer m

We hung them on either side of the headboard and oh what a difference they make. The gold color enhances the lamp and gives class to the bedroom. Love, Love, Love these lamps


Beautiful gold sconces. Feel like a quality light fixture, highly recommended.


For the price i paid this is a good deal! Chandelier fabric looks expensive , brass base is matching my mirror frame… the lights looks luxury ..i bought a wifi light bulb and now i can have lights as bright as i want, warm light, day light…any color..i have them on schedule, so they are on and off when i told them to be. Amazing product, i covered cord with strip and painted, so just plugged in and you do not need an electrician to hardwire, but they have that option as well, easy to assemble, just read their instruction!!!!

Sam Peterson

Love the look of these sconces! So excited to use them in my daughters bedroom.


Easy to install, nice addition to the room.


I put these together and 'installed' (hung them on the wall; they are not hard-wired to a switch) them in a guest bedroom, and they turned out pretty nice. I substituted the power cord with a longer one that I got from a big box store. There weren't many directions on how to wire the lamps, but the videos accompanying the listing here helped me figure it out.

no name

They look good. They are small enough not to dominate the room but not so small that they look ridiculous. Fantastic on and off button real handy —no fishing for the switch along the wire. Can be used as plugged in or hard wire. Clever construction. Love the way the shade gets installed.

Faith Miletello

We used battery lightbulbs bc we didn’t want to hardwire. Brightness is dim but I don’t mind as we use them for when we are going to bed so doesn’t really matter. Look really cute!


If you are not good with pictures, then I don’t suggest buying these. The directions are nothing but pictures, so you have to guess for the most part on how to assemble. Hard wiring is required no matter what! FYI


For the price I didn't expect much ... but thought they would do until I could find something I really wanted. These are great. We did not hardwire so had to pick up cord sets at HD. They easily connected and were able to hang snugly on the wall. They seem sturdy and have a good finish. Overall for the money they are a great buy!I hung them over a pair of twin xl beds in place of lamps in a guest room. They will not get everyday use. I can't speak to how durable they are for frequent use ... but they do seem solid.I will be in no hurry to replace these.


Nice product overall. My senior father does not have the strength to move the lamp the swivel part to hard to move. It is very tight even for me.


Love these lights! Very easy to install and great quality!



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