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I love the fixture…..BUT, installation directions are a nightmare! As other customers said, it’s painted brown, not oil-rubbed bronze. I can install this myself but the directions aren’t any help. The manufacturer needs to update them for those that don’t want to pay an electrician.


Very surprised how great it looks and is made glass globes are large and thick very happy


The fixture is pretty sturdy. I was a bit surprised that each light within the fixture had to be mounted on the base and wired. The instructions leave a bit to be desired; depending on your skill level they may be too vague. Make sure you are putting the lights in the correct spot on the base as the wires are longer on the outside lights. You will notice they are marked "A" and "B". It's been a bit since I installed this light, but I believe the "A's" go on the outside and the "B's" are the inside. To clarify, from left to right, A,B,B,A; I hope that makes sense. Included in the hardware are 2 pieces of wire, black and white. These will be connected to the leads from the wall and will supply the power to all the lights.Overall, the installation wasn't terribly hard since I was replacing a similar fixture so some of the hardware from the previous fixture was incorporated into the new installation. It wasn't necessary, but it made the installation easier.The really nice thing about this product is since the "globes" are actual mason jars, when they need cleaning they can be put in the dishwasher. Do that at your own risk, but I think they will be fine!

Nana of 6

We have received many positive comments on this light. It looks beautiful above our vanity in our cabin bathroom.


It is what expected and more

Jessica Lanham

I absolutely love this light fixture!! It is perfect for my bathroom. Do make sure you take one of the mason jar globes when buying light bulbs. We bought some that were too long and had to exchange them. But I would purchase this again!!

Emily E. Hess

I love this light fixture! I recently did a renovation on my bathroom and decided everything old/original had to go! I found this and fell in love. Once i figured out how to take the old fixture (wiring and all!) down and got this up. I struggled a little because I did it alone but I’m pretty impressed I got everything switched over and hung securely and looks amazing! The only tiny complaint I may have is the jars are quite large but it still looks great.




Works very well, a tab but hard to install with one person.

Tiffany Ballard

Love this


Exactly what we wanted.

Jered B.

The wife likes it. However I would of rather paid more for a better quality. It was 100% totally apart. The frame everything attaches to is a flimsy piece of metal. It was a complete pain to try and hold 5 wires while holding up the light to put a wing nut on. Then getting all that wire behind the almost flat peice of metal. NOT FUN!!! And I rewired my whole house.

George T

Great fixture, big, pefect in a bathroom.



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