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Thomas Anderson

The instructions are incorrect- if you wire as directed, you will cause a short and flip your braker.Here are correct instructions (pictures should be in order)1. Lay everything out and gather your tools. You will need a philips screwdriver, a drill, a 9/32 bit (if installing into drywall), an adjustable wrench (optional), and if you like a tiny drill bit (also not required)2. Remove the two screws from the side of the cover(round with switch) and remove the mounting plate from inside. Keep these screws safe, you will need them later3. Take the nut/lock washer/groundwire/washer combo off the bulb stem. Thread the bulb stem through the center hole on the cover and reinstall the nut stack on the inside. Line the bulb housing up with the bottom of the cover (likely switch knob on the bottom) and hand tighten the stack.4. Feed the plug wire up the the hole in the bottom of the cover and feed the wire through the plastic figure 8 piece so it doesn't fall back through the hole. If you are missing one of the pieces (like I was) you can cut a little bit of the outer housing and tie the wires in a knot (see photo)5. Twist the wires together per the wire diagram in the photo. Bulb white to 1 switch wire, plug white to the other switch wire, black bulb wire to black plug wire6. Add caps to each twisted wire pair7. Locate where you want the sconce mounted and mark your fastener locations on the wall8. Predrill your screw holes. I like to use a smaller than the screw dill bit first to drill in those locations instead of using a studfinder. If it's all drywall, use the 9/32 bit to drill a hole and insert your fldrywall anchors. You will have to hammer/tap them in the last half inch.9. Loosen the blue screw and install your mounting plate with the tabs facing toward you. Screw the screws in most of the way before worrying about leveling. You can prop a level on the tabs or just eye-ball it10. Put those little cover screws you removed earlier and the philips screwdriver in your pocket. Wrap the copper wire around the blue grounding screw and hand tighten with the screwdriver.11. Place the cover over the mounting plate and line up the holes on the side. Attach on the sides using the small screws from your pocket12. Unscrew the lampshade holder piece, add the metal lampshade, and reinstall the holder piece (no photo)13. Add a bulb, plug in, switch on, and enjoy!

Handersen Publishing

These didn't come with instructions, but there is a great video for installation on . Don't try to contact the manufacturer, they were pretty much useless, but the seller was super-helpful! The lights look great and work well, a bit wiggly, but great for the price.

Tessie Carpenter

Love it!


Really nice fixtures for the money !!!!!

ted thompson



These lights come almost completely unassembled which was a surprise for me. I guess I didn't read the fine print in the description. Not really experienced in putting light fixtures together but we fumbled through. Was ok. Wish I had purchased lights already assembled. However, love the look. Using an Edison bulb with them (not provided). Since the bulb is exposed (the shade does not cover it) you need to use a lower wattage bulb to prevent glare.


We used them on a headboard we made-super cute and I appreciate the knobs easily turn with one hand while sitting in bed


These lamps are worth the work, but you will work for them. The assembly instructions are not very helpful. I purchased these with the intent of using them as plug-in, not hard-wired. They're great because you have the option to do either! The instructions are written for plug-in assembly, but again, they weren't very clear. I had to get help with the wiring part of the assembly because I had loose wires without anything to connect them to. Once we got them assembled and wired, they look great.

sherman riggs


Kevin B.

I found it easy to put together. I am not an electrician, but easily hooked the wires together.Connected it to the plug in cord then ran to a power strip behind the headboard I mounted the lamps on. Bought edison bulbs separately.I read many of the reviews of people having trouble wiring it up.....but I thought diagram that came with it explained it enough.

Mike G.

Very stylish design.? Easy to assemble.? Looks great"

Abigail Sy

These lights are stylish and perfect for french industrial theme. The only thing it can imorove on is the swivel. it only holds ang angle tightly.


This set of lamps suits my entrance perfectly. The lamp head feels sturdy, and the angle of the light is easy to adjust, and holds in place very well. Very pleased with this item! My big criticism however are the lack of instructions. All I received was a diagram of the pieces. Because of that, assembly was more tedious and difficult than I hoped. Otherwise, when you get the lamp up and running, it's great. Looks really good, and functions perfectly. I received a discount on this product in exchange for an honest, and unbiased review.

Joy L Smith

Purchased these lights for a master bathroom. Was wanting a rustic look and these lights fit the bill. Looks great over the double vanity.

Erica Greenwood

Replaced standard RV lights with this. Purchased some 12v bulbs and ta-da.


In LOVE! Took a while to put together but is a must


Very pretty! Good accent for my bedroom.


I wish they would have come put together.



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