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Dr. Moody

This light is gorgeous and the finish is real brass… not painted like other brands. It is more expensive but worth it for sure. I’m very pleased. I swapped out some of the metal spikes so I could add beads for a fancier look. I also use nightlight led bulbs which are smaller because the regular ones take away from the look of the light.


Easy and as expected.


Easy and as expected.

Kate K.

Ceiling lamp looks great. In the promotional video of the product, it clearly showed the installation. First, I installed 4 bulbs into the places where will be installed. Then I mounted the lamp to the ceiling. Then placed the arrows in their places with my hands.The lamp consists of a lot of arrows, it takes a long time to turn the arrows like screws and put them back in place. At first I think I shouldn't have bought it, but when I completed the installation, I did not see such a beautiful and original lamp.


Its a perfect light fixture for a decent size room/space. I have no regrets that I chose this Gold color light. It was well packaged, and very easy to put together. It requires to set it first (put the light together before the electrical installation). I strongly recommend a licensed electrician to mount it, as I did. It's a bit pricey to be honest. But, the design is unique and it gives my room a totally unique style and brightness. My happiness comes first, and it's a keeper.

Stacy Rect

This ceiling light is fantastic. Yes, putting it together is a pain, but you only have to do it once. Because my ceiling is just 8 feet high, I wanted something oblong rather than spherical. I used the short rods to fill in the top two and bottom two circles of holes, then the long rods to fill in the rest. Because I installed the ceiling light by myself and couldn't reach around all of those long rods to install the light, I waited till after the light was installed to install the long rods. The way I did it worked out flawlessly. Some people mention using a tool to install the rods. I have no idea what they're talking about. Mine just screwed in, and the holes were already the correct size. It was very simple.



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