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These are great looking -- they look more expensive than they are. I'm a home improvement novice so it took me a bit of time to install, but relatively straightforward. USB charger is super convenient.


We have been looking for a pair of mid century modern style scones for our bedroom. We took a chance on this product and are very happy that we did. First of all, this sconce design is 'inspired' by famous designs of Serge Mouille. Genuine models costs thousands of dollars. The manufacturer of this product did a clever job of taking the famous design element and combined it with modern functionalities - multiple installation options and built-in USB plugs for charging your devices. Also, love the fact that they put an on/off switch on the main body rather than on the power cable. So much more convenient when you install it as a plug-in and try to hide the unsightly power cable behind your headboard. There is a switch right on the front part. As for the installation, if you have ever installed any type of house light (ceiling light, chandelier, sconce), then simple enough. If you are using them as plug-in lights, you will need to run the power cable through the hole in the main body and connect the matching wires. There is a small plastic 8-figure stopper that you would thread the power cable through. The next step is attaching a universal mounting plate to your wall. You will need to use drywall anchors (included) to firmly secure the mounting plate to the wall. If your preferred mounting location coincides with a wall stud, even better. It will be extra secure. The toughest part of the whole installation will be deciding the optimal location - how high or low and equal distance from the headboard for perfect symmetry. Measure twice and drill once. I also tested whether those USB ports worked properly before mounting the light on the wall. When all done, they looked great and performed well. E12 3000K LED bulbs enhanced the cozy feeling and complemented the warmth of the brass trim. Very happy with the quality especially considering the price. Highly recommended! p.s. my lights were securely packaged and had no damages

Robert Barone

This nightlights are perfect for any mid modern and essentric decor because of their unique shape. They are hardwired and not plug in


Love these. Easy to install and it looks amazing

Lisa A

Gives the bedroom a modern look. Gave us extra space on night stands. Can either hard wire them or just plug them in.

Jennifer Sorensen

I love these lamps. They are swingarm and the shade pivots so my light won't bother my husband when I read at night. Easy on off switch, and USB port for my phone. No more dusty lamp to take up space on my nightstand.

Cathy Britt

I really like these lights - i had an electrician install - make sure you order the correct lighbulbs - very stylish

Yelizaveta Evert

Love them looks expensive for a small cost


These lamps are modern and look great with the antique beds!

Amazon Customer

These are super nice. Feel sturdy. Shipped very well. Super easy to install and look awesome. I was honestly surprised his nice they are from Amazon. They feel very solid, adjust easily and are nice and bright


Upon opening the box i was suprised to see that if you wanted to have the wire connected to it, you had to set it up your self, but nonetheless it looks clean and sleek

John S

These are well-made light fixtures. Unlike other reviewers, our lights arrived undamaged. One of our lights has a slight skew to it which I may contact the seller about. It is barely noticeable unless you are looking straight-on.The lights come assembled, however, they are not ready for corded use out of the box, which I find odd. This means that buyers must have a modicum of wiring knowledge to install the outlet cord, however, it was an easy installation and it is nice to see a product that provides both options. I wish, however, for the corded option that the cord was centered on the light fixture.The satin black and bronze/gold finish are beautiful. The addition of USB-A ports for charging is a bonus. It would have been helpful if lightbulbs were included.I found these lights a bit on the expensive side at $149, but overall I am pleased with them.

M. Graves

One of the lamps had dimple indents on top, otherwise fine. I had to get a friend to help me with wiring them. I will probably get a wire cover since we couldn’t hard wire on log wall. The bulbs are candelabra type, 40 w max.



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