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Love our new kitchen island lights! Goes perfect in our kitchen and definitely a good value for money, they look really expensive and the lamps are well made . It has been admired by everyone who has recently seen them up. Easy to install and wire in using the clear instructions supplied. Would recommend them highly!

Ronny Acosta

First, I absolutely love the gold finish on this light. It's not that gold finish that flakes or chips off when you clean or leave the light on for awhile either. This whole thing is really easy to clean but I used cleaner to help wipe everything down, especially after it was installed, just because there were some dirty finger prints all over it. I was able to use just regular glass cleaner to clean it and it looks amazing every time I clean it. The light itself was really easy to install as it took the spouse only about 45 minutes to remove our old fixture and put this new one in. We have this over a bar area and it's perfect. It's not overly big or way too small for the area and will light up the whole area so we can actually see everything.

Not what I expected

I thought I had ordered the one with multiple globes, so this one is awkward by itself. The finish looks cheap so I won't be installing it, although the installation would be fine and not difficult. I would buy this if it was the multiple globe option with a nickel finish.


It’s perfect 🤩

Nuo Lin

This light fixture is really easy to assemble and looks amazing! Would definitely buy multiple to match the aesthetic as one isn’t enough!

Bryan Hargroves

The light provided is just perfect! The brightness is just right with it being not super bright and glaring yet not too low that it doesn’t work. Also the style and form of the light makes it more compact.


This is now one of my favorite lamps!! I love the modern minimal design and the metal finish and glass shade are all pristine and gorgeous. The glass is thin with a soft frosted finish, might be a little delicate but I don’t think it’d break if you’re gentle. It was easy to assemble, but note that there is a bracket inside the glass shade that’s used to tighten to the metal base and mine was loose so I initially though the shade didn’t attach securely. Once I realized what was going on it was an easy fix and I just had to tighten the screws on the bracket.


I lovevthis light. I was really getting frustrated trying to feed the wires through the base, until I realized that you are supposed to rotate the pivot on the base 90 degrees!!!! Duh!Bingo! Easy!Looks amazing! Great value. Love it!

The Old Crackpot

This lamp comes in pieces, as you can see in the photo. You screw the lengths of tubing together using threaded connectors and then connect it to the base. They include a bracket to attach to your electrical box and the lamp then connects to the bracket.I was particularly interested in this light because I have a sloped ceiling and you can easily adjust this fixture to hang vertically. If it hangs too low, you just omit one or more of the tubes and shorten the wiring. The globe is heavy, good quality glass, not plastic, so it won't discolor with age and will stand up to repeated cleanings.Although the "Technical Details" say "Incandescent, LED, or CFL", in my opinion you do NOT want to use an incandescent bulb. The sealed globe will not dissipate the heat of an incandescent bulb.The description states that the maximum size bulb is "60 Watts". The "Technical Details" state "Maximum Compatible Wattage" to be 60 Watts. Looking at the size of the wiring --the gauge of which is NOT given-- it appears that 60 Watts is the actual permissible power and not an incandescent equivalent.One handy tip: When assembling the lamp, you need to thread the wire through each tube. It will be MUCH easier and quicker if you first unscrew the threaded connector. Then, thread the tube, thread the connector, and finally screw the connector back into place.



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