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We have been looking for the perfect ceiling light for our front foyer. We wanted a light that looked simple and cast a lot of light both down and to the sides. We also had to have a light that could be dimmed. This is IT!Assembly took a little time, but it was not hard and had easy to understand instructions. All of the parts are well-constructed with detailed finishing.I operate this light with a smart dimmer wall switch. It dims up and down very smoothly, with no jumping. The lowest setting is a pleasant glow. The brightest fills the area with even light without shadows or breaks.Great job on this light. We are very, very pleased.I will include a few pictures soon. In the meantime, just imagine an awesome light mounted to the ceiling.

David Kim

I have this installed in my laundry room and it fits perfectly. The included instructions were very easy to follow, and the package in my opinion was packed very well. I struggled a bit to take everything out, but I had that assurance that nothing would be broken upon unpacking. This is a very beautiful light, even more so after I painted the nickle parts a matte black.


This is an absolutely beautiful light fixture. It does not feel cheap at all and is larger than I expected which is a plus! Some assembly required.I’m working on remodeling my bedroom and wanted a soft glowing fixture, the diffused light on this one is great. I’ll have to add some more photos of it turned on at night, it’s cozy and lights up the area well.I had to snap a photo of the packaging, I was surprised how much styrofoam they sent me, wow! If I had to make one suggestion it wouldn’t be to the product itself, but perhaps a more sustainable solution for packaging is available. No hate on the light fixture but just room for improvement on package design, lots of waste here.Price seems a bit high to me, but it’s better quality than others on the market. Worth the price if you’re looking for a high end, yet simplistic style.

Jessica Pack

Little by little we have been upgrading items in our home from the builder grade materials originally installed. Grabbed this gem for our master closet. I don’t like looking at light bulbs so the fact that this fixture had a diffuser appealed to me. The light was easy to assemble. I gave it 4 stars because the seam where the fabric of the shade comes together was not completely sealed and there was a gap. However, the shade could be rotated in a way to hide that gap behind the metal slats and no one would know.Hubs and Jr installed it and for an LED it puts out a warm glow. Plenty bright for our closet. The directions indicate a dimmer can be used with it. We may or not choose to do that. Lights of this day and age take some getting used to… the fact that no lights bulbs go in it because they are built in (see photo). It’s perfectly fine-I’m just old school.Now if the light came with an elf to clean my closet, it would’ve offset that shade gap and gone up to that 5-star rating.

Michael MM

I couldn't wait to put this product together and when it was finally assembled, I wasn't disappointed. This is a very modern looking fixture and I decided to hang it inside of my walk-in closet. The fixture so to speak, dressed up my closet and it now looks fantastic. I love the material on the shade, its texture and its color. The fixture has two wires (hot and neutral) as well as a ground wire. It was easy to hang, and I got it situated just where I wanted in a few minutes. It does not take bulbs, rather it has permanent LED lights. There is an internal switch which lets you adjust the light to differing intensities. I chose the highest setting, as I want as much light as possible in my closet. I'm very pleased with the results and the fixture.



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