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Jim McCormac

If your looking for a hall light that's not overwhelming in size, this is your piece. However, the LED light suggested to go with it clashes with the light (when it is off) because it has a bright yellow flllament. We sent the lights back and reordered a 40 watt, dimmable, frosted halogen G9 bulbs that are perfect with the chrome and firework crystals. Next, we are installing a dimmer switch to adapt to different light needs during the day.

Ann Neris

I was pleased with how bright it is. While it didn't include the bulbs I was able to get them quickly. I installed in the girls room they loved it.

Allie Brashear

I wasn’t sure out of the box. You have to put it together. It wasn’t hard and it looks great in my bathroom


The media could not be loaded.  Surprised when I opened box how tiny everything was. No instructions came with light however it was simple enough to figure out. A little tricky to wire and hang with no anchor but managed by myself. 10 of the 12 lights where wrapped up and 2 came stray. Some of the beads fell off when unwrapping. Biggest complaint is the zip ties are so tiny and tight they where about impossible to get off. I read another review that said they left these on until they screwed all 12 into light and I can tell you I never would have been able to get them off if they where attached to light. Scissors didn’t work, a knife didn’t work had to go get the strongest tiniest nail scissors I could find. Took a quite a bit of time and lost more beads. Overall I love light and my daughter now wants one. It does fluff ip once all the attachments are on.*recommendation my lightbulbs which you have to get separate are yellow and I don’t like the look with the light I would like white or clear.

Sharon S.

This looks amazing and it's gotten a lot of compliments! It's a great size for the hallway, and it adds brightness and bit of quirkiness to the space. I did have an electrician install, and it took him only a few minutes. I did assemble it, and once you do one or two "branches" it gets easier and faster. Love it.



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