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Originally purchased one Moravian Star light for inside our entryway door. We liked the look & quality so much we purchased a 2nd one to balance out the long foyer. We are very happy with our decision. These star shaped light fixtures add a unique touch. Bulbs will be easy to change since the light fixture has a clever door hatch.

Gigi Ghoul

I read another reviewer mention how difficult it was - or next to impossible - to get it flush. Every other review I read didn’t mention it. After installing this, I know what they’re talking about and can absolutely relate! The screws that screw into the electrical box and the screws that screw into the fixture are basically in the way of each other. You have to have the light fixture screws all the way down so you can screw the bracket into the box. It’s a pain and I’m pretty sure I burned 335 cal from all the sweating I did and climbing up and down the ladder. It comes with tiny rubber gaskets to use with the finials. Idk how many times I dropped either of them, but by the time it was all said and done they were both gone. Vanished. Which wasn’t difficult since they’re translucent. I ended up grabbing some washers to the garage to try to get it as tight and flush to the ceiling as possible. Instructions were straight forward. Wiring it was fine. It’s beautiful and a definite upgrade from the previous boob fixture I had, but the logistics of it all could definitely use some improvement.


This light is pretty and easy to install. My only gripe is that it’s hard to make it perfectly flush with the ceiling.

Mom of 2

I ordered this light to see if it would look good in my hallway upstairs. It was beyond my expectations. I ordered two more and have installed them all down my hallway. I have so many compliments for friends and family. I would strongly recommend to anyone.


Beautiful light, great quality, looks expensive

charles thomas



This is a beautiful fixture, which is why I am taking the time to write a review. After a long search for just the right fixture, this is it! However, the installation instructions are TERRIBLE, just pictures, no words, and it is quite heavy and definitely requires two people to install. I should note that I actually had to return this item to Amazon because it arrived broken, it was then out of stock, so I ordered elsewhere. If you are interested in this light, shop around, price varies quite a bit depending on what site you use.

Carrie Williams

Super easy to install and has some really spectacular design! This ornate design is a great conversation piece! I was pleasantly surprised that replacing the bulb (which is not something super proprietary - normal bulbs work!) was very easy. The hinge opens up about halfway through the light and you can easily reach in to replace or update your bulb. We are currently using a hue in there and the colors add a little wow to this wonderful fixture. I highly recommend this one!


This light is actually kind of incredible. The reason it is so awesome is because the light itself is unique and heavy duty feeling.The setup is really easy, the look of it is amazing too.Overall this really adds to the rooms I use and I'm really happy with it.

Hookem Horns

Many lights have graced our hallway and pretty quickly we come to the realization that they just don't know....they don't look like they belong. Lots of searching was leading to just more light fixtures that just didn't click until I stumbled across this one by HYDELITE. I was giddy with anticipation, the whole time hoping that this Moravian Star light fixture would finally be the one and im happy to say that I was not disappointed. The fixture came very securely packaged, not one of the glass panels was broken and it went up with complete ease. There is a slide latch that allows you access to the inside of the fixture and it's placement is perfect you can not tell that it is even there. Now the glass panels seem delicate but study and so long as my son doesn't throw anything at it, I see this fixture casting it's brilliant sparkle down on us for many days to come.



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