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What others are saying


I Really like this light fixture


I love everything about this

David Camacho

This is a good accent light. It's beautiful!


Beautiful stylish lamp. Grate price. What I was looking for aligned with my decoration. I contract an electrician to make sure the right installation.



Ma Ale

It looks great for the price. It was a bit smaller than expected, but still looked good. It came a little nicked in the center, which was unfortunate because it is quite obvious, but still not too bad. That’s why I’m giving it a 4 out of 5.


I really like how cute this fixture is. It looks adorable in my laundry room. The metal finish looks real and not painted. It is a nice warm brass color, not too yellow.The lightbulbs I used are from Home Depot (EcoSmart brand). They are a little longer than what is recommended, but they fit and work just fine. I included a photo of the packaging in case that helps anyone.I know some people have had a little trouble assembling, but I thought it was pretty easy. I didn't use any tools except for a screwdriver. Here is how I did it (disclaimer--I am in no way an electrician): 1. I attached the three posts to the dome hand-tightening them as much as possible. I did not attach the bulbs and globes until after I installed it to the ceiling because I was afraid of breaking them during installation and because it made it too heavy (I installed the fixture by myself). 2. I used electrical tape to hold all three black wires from the fixture to the extra black wire that was included, then I screwed on the orange cap. I did the exact same thing with the white wires. 3. I covered both orange caps with electrical tape to make sure those things did not come undone. That left me with three wires to attach to the wiring in the electrical box in the ceiling--one black, one white, one metal) I think the wiring situation is straightforward from here forward. 4. I attach the metal tube to the little metal strip. 5. I screwed the metal strip to the electrical box in the ceiling so that the green screw was facing out. 6. I attached the metal wire to the green screw by wrapping it around and tightening the screw. 7. I connected the black wire from the fixture to the black wire in the ceiling using electrical tape and an orange cap, then repeated for the white wires. 8. I stuffed all the wires inside the dome and electrical box in the ceiling and secured the fixture to the ceiling using the decorative metal screw cap provided. 9. I screwed in the lightbulbs. 10. I screwed the globes onto the fixture while holding onto the post each time so that it stayed nice and tight.Sorry, I know I probably made it sound difficult to install, but it was really easy. It works well, and it looks great. I couldn't be happier with it.


So beautiful and so bright!


this is a beautiful light fixture, metal is heavy and glass is evenly frosted - it was easy to install and looks exactly as the product picture shows


This light is made of quality materials and is easy to install. The globes screw onto the arms and it gives us the look and amount of light we want. All fixtures should be made like this one.

Elizabeth Crow

Everyone comments on this fixture. Very stylish and it lights up our entire hallway. Used it to replace an old flush mount fixture and there is still plenty of space to walk underneath. Husband is 5 foot 10 inches tall so this hasn’t been tested against anyone over 6 feet.


Pro: I am pretty impressed with the value most of all. If you are in the market for unique fixtures, then you know they can get extremely expensive very fast. I paired my light fixture with the ceiling medallion to elevate to look, and I’m so pleased with it.Assembly was pretty easy. But that’s mainly because I have experience. The instructions that come in the packaging do not have any words, so just be prepared in the event that you were not familiar with electrical.Con: I will say that I was not expecting to fully assembled this light fixture. It was no big deal, but I was pressed on time on this day and was hoping to have this checked off my list. No biggie, I finish the install first thing in the morning the next day.I believe it might be my lightbulbs, but as you can see he gave off a yellow light. I ordered some different lightbulbs, so when they come in I will update my review and let you know if I was able to brighten up the light in this room.

thomasina cooper

Love this lamp! Fun MCM style without taking up too much space. I like the 8 bulbs- it spreads light nicely.


Great quality




This is a beautiful ceiling light fixture, the view and the quality is perfect! Great quality for the price!! I can't wait to buy another one for my bedroom

Holly Hollis

We love this light fixture. Perfect for our room.

Dwayne Wright

Love this light fixture! Perfect for our nursery! Very modern and soft lighting!



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