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Milena Lilien

I was pleasantly surprised by this little light. It was just the right size to add enough light and glitz to our entryway. I was nervous that the small bulbs wouldn’t be enough, but it was more than enough, especially for the space. It gives off a nice light, the crystals give a pretty sparkle , and the look is unique.It took my husband not long to put it up, and it eas easy to put together. Only downside, I didn’t realize it didn’t come with bulbs until we got in there to open it, so we had to wait a day to buy the right bulbs. Buy bulbs ahead of time, or together to avoid wait enjoying.


This is a beautiful light. The installation was simple, 3 wires basic black/white/ground. The wisps were all easy to just screw into the places on the gold sphere. The problem I had with this, is I didn't read the directions as they were 6 lines. Yet the last line was important. DO NOT CUT THE ZIP TIES OFF the wisp until you have it installed. If you are able to I would recommend not installing them until you have it wired in. That was the biggest problem, yet the directions said to not do that until you had it installed. So that is all on me. But thought I would issue the same warning to all, as I know I read reviews and would have seen this even if I didnt read the directions. We tried this with 2 color light bulbs, G9 I believe. Never used these types of LED bulbs before, they are bright, even with the 4 small bulbs this gives off a lot of light and improves the lighting where we installed it. It is a great little light. I would highly recommend. IT DOES NOT comes with light bulbs, makes sure you order bulbs with the light.


The base is made of quality metal. It’s for weight but not heavy. The light is beautiful and I wish it came with the bulbs. One piece of advice, don’t cut the zip ties until it’s crewed in. Will save you quite some headache and time installing it.


Okay i think this is a very cute light ,and i like it !It looks good in my house but it was a lot smaller then what i expected it to be !Also make sure u order some g9 bulbs separate ,they don't come with it !I ordered natural daylight ones and lord are they bright ,so make sure u get what u prefer in your house ,i'm more of a warmer light person so i have a diff set of bulbs coming this way .they actually sell these bulbs also with a remote contorle dimmer on them !i also do like the style of bulbs the light fixture takes !its really easy to install and get the lamp together !the bead parts come with little zip ties around them(really helpful) ,i suggest do not cut the ties until u get it all screwed in and the fixture is installed on the ceiling ,otherwise it will be in your way !There is a thing about how the beads are hold up on the wire, they are earring back holders ,very smart as my daughter mentioned i can always change the colors of the beads if i like to .But also a little cheesy and cheap for the price off this fixture !!



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