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What others are saying


Absolutely love merchandise!!!

Stephen R.

We love these mason jar lights! Perfect for our kitchen

Jeff/Sara C.

Built the fireplace and need something to set it off. These lights are built very well and easy to install! Posted pictures to show after installed :)

Trevor Payne

Added to my headboard and they look great.


Adorable lights with just the perfect size jar!! Did put in small amber 1w/12v bulbs because the glass is very clear and the bulbs were too beaming bright for our liking so that solved that issue.Totally recommend buying these! Easy install and work perfectly! Love the small run knob switch for easy on/off

Bowdie B

More trouble adjusting the faceplate mounting screws than wiring the lamp. Nice pictures for directions but it could use some words with them. All said and done I put one up where I wanted it and I think is will be okay with the correct bulb. 40 watt bulb is too bright for the location. Packaging is good and delivery was as advertised.

Jessie Torrence

It’s a great buy honestly it was just a little confusing to install at least for me the instructions weren’t to clear but if you have a handy man no problem at all it’s still an overall great buy!!! Highly recommend and I LOVE the cute design

Bryan Green

Great product for a project build or just to light the way.

Laurie Michigan

The lightbulbs recommended were too long so pay more attention than I did. I am not an electrician. The hardest part about the install was fishing the cord up behind my headboard which is mounted to the wall. The white wire connects to the white wire. The short black wire that is on the fixture behind the switch connects to the black wire connected to the light fixture. You then take the long black wire that is connected behind a little switch and you wire that to the plug-in cord, you are not going to have anything to ground it to unless you are hardwiring it to a junction box. If you are using a plug, you can get rid of the little green screws and the copper ground wire. I chose to drill a hole in my headboard and fish the wire down that way because I don’t like the look of a cord hanging. Watch a youtube video on how to convert a fixture to a plug-in fixture keeping in mind that you will add in the switch. It is a circuit. Black wire from the fixture to the switch and from the switch to the cord. I thought I would add this since some folks sound intimidated by the wiring. The quality seems very good.


Love the look! Replaced floor lamps and opens up the wall. Just wish that we had been able to hardwire them. Great value!

Mary R

Not as easy to install as we thought. They came in damaged as well


You have to know what your date be what with this item. Easy if you do.


Perfect for my home

Los 5

Very nice. Would buy again. I installedOn a headboard I made.


They are very cute, but need a rudimentary understanding on how to wire plugs, bc it comes to you in pieces. I bribed an electrician and got them up. Piece of oak not included.

Jon M.

Used "DC 12V Light Bulb A19 A60 3000k 4W Warm White LED Edison Filament E26 Screw Base Lamp DC Low Voltage RV Marine Boat Classic Industrial Prop Retro Landscape Industrial Lighting 12 Volt Battery LightingBrand: 12Vmonster" in these lights in our RV bedroom and it worked great! No need to mess with wiring from 120V to 12V.


Perfect addition to our farmhouse with dim kitchen lighting

Jd Skeans

None of the reviews actually told you how to wire these lights up. I looked. Not an electrician so it took a min. White wire from cord connects to the white wire from the sconce, black wire from the cord connects to the longer black wire from the switch. Black wire from the sconce connects to the smaller black wire from the switch. Good luck.



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