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What others are saying

Kindle Customer

I love it but it would have been nice to know that I had to have LED switches for this also. They were very expensive to replace three.


I saw the reviews about some of the problems with this light. I can tell you that my handyman did not have any trouble. I watched and helped hold it while he wired it and it was easy and quick. Yes, he had to tweak one shade to make sure it hung straight. But that was it. I bought the small 60W LED daylight bulbs, which are bright. I love it!

A. Vittini

This was very easy to put together and wire up. Looks very classy and minimal.


Great customer service. I got a 3 & 4 globe. Love them

Vickie G

You won’t be sorry if you purchase this lite. Great look for a dining room.

Carl Cheng

I decided to go with this one after comparing with many similar items and happy with the final installation, very light for its size, easy to assemble and easy to install, I installed A15 lightbulb it was very bright, happy with the purchase!

2hawk feathers

Have it hanging over out island counter top. looks great and it's not prone to swinging from any breeze.


We had this installed by an electrician and it went in pretty quickly. Adds a lot of light to our kitchen. Looks great over the island.


This is a beautiful fixture. We had one socket that was crooked but the company took great care of us. I recommend this fixture based on the company's commitment to customer satisfaction.

Kathleen Rios

This is just beautiful! We have a longer island, we love the modern style. I would have hung it a bit lower. It was very easy to put up, we did have to adjust one light a little bit to straighten. It looks way better than what I paid for this lamp!

Davood Rad

It is wonderful my wife and I, we both love it. It is so nice and beautiful.

Bill B

Very sharp looking, great addition to the dining room. Easy to put together and install. Used Edison LED bulbs, great look!


Very easy and lightweight to install. I wanted something with enough bulbs to light up that side of the kitchen while cooking. Still in the process of re-doing my kitchen so it's not all finished yet. The 6" tube made it a bit to low so I had a friend cut it down and re thread it. Now it's perfect. I also swapped out the shades and use alexa controlled bulbs to dim at night or whatever lighten when needed.


Really lights up my kitchen and looks fantastic over my island.


Easy to install. Looks good over kitchen island. Most important part....wife likes it!


Great Value for the dollar.


Good budget buy. Cons: you should consider buying the short bulbs as the shades aren't deep enough to hide regular ones. I believe mine are 3inches or so. Also, instead of lining straight up and down (from the side view) my fixture is out of line. Like the extender is warped or something. It's not very noticeable though.

T Daniel

Love this over our pool table !! Great buy good lighting



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