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alyssa fiorini

In the apartment I rent, our bedrooms have no overhead lights at all. I hate floor lamps, we are tight on desk space, and we can only install so much since we only rent. These were the perfect solution since it had the option for wire plug in. I tried myself to assemble it for I think 2 hours but I couldn’t even get past the first step. My dad ended up doing them for me but it took 30 minutes for both once he started. I couldn’t have spent my $60 on anything better. Still my favorite part about our room. Also, our only source of light is the two sconces and just one is enough to light the room!


Easy set up, and super cute. Would recommend!


Modern, cute and I put up myself and had never done anything like that before. There’s a YouTube video that you can watch that’s helpful. Definitely recommend. Really adds character to your bed room or wherever you’re putting them.

Caroline Hess

These sconces are the perfect touch to any room! Don’t let the reviews scare you about having to wire it yourself — it was surprisingly easy and I was able to install them both within 30 minutes. I love that it has the option to hardwire them into the wall or have them as plug-ins.

Randee Newsom

We’ve been using these for about 6 months now. They’re super cute and practical. No complaints at all! Highly recommend. We didn’t hardwire them. Easy to wire for plug-in use.

Benton P. Estes Jr.

Sconces are nice quality. Easy installation. Lights are bright. My only problem is the knob that turns the light on and off comes off frequently when turning the switch. Afraid it will eventually get lost.

Blaze cudd1E

The lights were perfect for beside the bed!!!


Nice accent lights over bed. Instead of end tables and lamps.

Emilee Calametti

Having to wire these myself made me feel like a superhero and do not even take out the instructions because they’re bogus lol. Please look at the photos a kind reviewer has posted and follow those to ensure yours looks identical xD these are absolutely beautiful though and holding up so nicely! We put the Edison bulbs in and they’re very vibeyyyyy.


The color is terrible- very crass but they look great and are easy to install.Also, there is another review with instructions on how to mount for the corded plug in option. Ignore that. They do it wrong. There is a video (usually right above the reviews) that shows how to do it properly.


High end look at a fraction of the cost. I'm going to paint the cord to match the wall and hide the cord down the side of the board running down the wall. I love how you can move the light left of right based on where you need the light. I think the lightbulb we added is what made all the difference in making these look amazing. We bought Vintage Globe LED Light Bulb from Amazon and the bulb and these sconces are perfect together. Highly recommend!


very beautiful. Nicely packaged. I just wish it came with grommets or something so it can be completely flushed against the wall, but it's not really an issue


Confusing bc if you’re using it as a plug in light, the cord isn’t attached. You have to feed the cord thru and connect the wires appropriately. I found it a little confusing and expected the light to be plug-in ready. But looks great.


Love these lamps very much. I got the gold and they go perfectly with my bedroom theme. The instructions to install could have been a little more detailed tho.


These are very nice! I had a little trouble installing but I’m sure most would not. Love the way the look next to my bed.


Modern and simple!


Easy to install and perfect for my room. Plus they are very pretty


The media could not be loaded. Ok so I purchased a much more expensive sconce set here on Amazon but it didn’t have an ON/OFF switch which I needed, so as beautiful as they were, I had to return them. Thankfully I found these which have a similar mid century modern look but for the fraction of the price !At first I had to really figure out “how-to” especially since I didn’t have a junction box. I live in a pre-war NY building so I just mounted the no - junction option and connected the lamp to that. I had to drill 1 hole into the wall to make sure the Mount fit and that’s probably what took me the longest to measure out. Once I mounted the first lamp, I was able to do the other within 15 min :)Since i know nothing electrical-wise, I shut off all the electricity on the unit while I worked on it. And the only way I was able to tell which wire went where, was by paying attention to how the previous sconces were wired. “White on the right” is what I sang in my head as i removed the old ones lol all in all, I’m happy with these and happy I saved money!



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