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It looks great in place, and the light it produces is fantastic. I'm overjoyed with i. It gives a lovely mood to my room!

Moderate Risk

I love the look of this SHAWNKEY Modern Drum Brushed Gold Ceiling Light but I do not like the intensity of the light. It has three light intensities and the lowest of the intensities is still too bright. However, it can be made to dim with a dimmer switch which is not included. It does not have what I would call light bulbs but the lighting goes all the way around the inside with LED beads. I am not sure what happens when the beads burn out eventually because it is not like with a light bulb where you can just change the bulbs. The gold designing on the outside is quite attractive.

Z. Davisun

I love this ceiling light!!! Pretty easy to install (recommend you have two people do it to make it easier). The light is SUPER bright, looks stylish and chic and goes really well in my closet. The gold is not too bright or tacky. Very happy!

Deanna Del Rio

I ordered this for the vacation house my parents are currently building for our family, and this is for one of the bedrooms where the ceilings aren't going to be especially high, so we needed a fixture with character that wasn't going to hang too far down, and this fixture fit the bill.The fixture was received quickly and in good condition. My mom took it out of the box to inspect it and photograph it and for my dad to look at the instillation instructions, as he's going to be the one to install it, to determine ease of installation. My mom just LOVES the look of the fixture. I've ordered about 5 or 6 so far, and this one is her favorite by far. It's got a beautiful, semi-matte, gold finish and a retro Mid Century Modern, geometric design that will add great character to the room. As far as installation goes, my dad anticipates this will be one of the easier ones to install, and he's installed dozens of light fixtures and ceiling fans in his lifetime, so I trust his judgement. They both agree that the fixture is quality made with quality materials, and they are excited to get to the point in construction that they can install it. Once they have, I'll add those photos to this review.


We'll have to come back to review once this is installed. We bought this to add to our storage room to office addition and are waiting on permitting. Out of the box, this seems very pretty and well made and I like that I have the ability to change the lumens. Most of our LED's in our house are either bright white or warm and I am happy this one can do daylight. We'll be having a professional install it so I will come back and update if any issues arise but it seems like a very straight forward install.


This is a quality ceiling light and it truly looks it. It arrived within a day of ordering and was well-packed. The bottom drum cover was a little hidden in the packaging—it was on the bottom of the box between 2 thick pieces of cardboard almost like a hidden drawer bottom, but it kept the bottom cover perfect and safe from any dents or creases—be sure to look for it and not throw out with the packaging. The outer metal is substantial, and the metal design cut is flawless. There’s nothing flimsy about it. The inner shade has nice quality fabric and is well protected until you’re finished installing. And the install was really simple and only took a few minutes.It is beautiful installed and the light it creates is awesome (and light warmth is adjustable). I am so happy with this and happy with myself for choosing it! It’s a keeper. I installed in my bathroom to replace an old fixture and what an upgrade it made!



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