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What others are saying

L. Jimenez

Quality looks great, beautifully made, they are just as pictured.


The media could not be loaded.  This product was a breeze to install for us. The quality of the product is great! The look was exactly what I was hoping for! The price was very affordable for the look we wanted! Great product!


This product was a breeze to install for us. The quality of the product is great! The look was exactly what I was hoping for! The price was very affordable for the look we wanted! Great product!

Adriana and Tyler

Didn’t love the base that came with it- not rounded or smooth looking and would have preferred a softer edge or tapered design. The glass is smooth not issues. These were really an affordable option for a quick upgrade.

Mariah L. Kurlick

The lights are just as described, very quick and easy to install. They were extremely well packaged. I could not be happier with how they look. Well worth the price, others I explored were twice as much.

Rupert Piper

Or perhaps any other where you don’t want the lighting to overwhelm the design. Understated and classic—I couldn’t be more pleased. Though, please be aware, we ordered two sets of three lamps and all six were sort of dirty/filmy, especially on the inside. You might want to clean the lamps before the electrician (or your husband) installs them—I struggled a little in cleaning mine after they were up.


This is a good product, but after the installation one of the lamp wasn’t working

Rita Jones

They came fast. Good condition. Waiting to have them installed.

Stephanie Niemann

Ok what can be done ? Received broken and contractor was just able to put up yesterday - I am past window to send back - please advise


Great fixtures. Easy to install. Bought them almost a year ago, and they’ve performed flawlessly. Definitely can recommend these.

Rowena Patton

Love these lights!


Installed over kitchen island- be aware- when you cook all the residue goes to these clear shades- you will need to wipe often- if they are installed too high and you are short plan on how to wipe and clean- definitely do not buy bulbs pictured - get strong white bulbs for maximum light. Super cute- shades smaller than you think from the pic- small for over a table look great for over counter look.


I'm happy with the purchase and would buy them again. The length is perfect for over the island. The quality of the glass and wiring is strong and the appearance of each light is consistent with the others.

Mom of Boys

First, we love the lights and love the look of them. However, I am a person who reads reviews. So, I was shocked to find that it’s more complex than any reviews said it was for the install. My husband is a general contractor and has been for 30+ years. The biggest issue or pain in the butt if you will is that the screws given with these lights are about a 1/4 inch too long. What this means is you have to cut off the rest of the screw. The screw is not common otherwise he would’ve just used the screws he has or we would’ve bought the correct size. what seems like a small issue is actually bigger and takes longer because of how you are supposed to install it. Also, we live on the outskirts of Cleveland and they do not make round boxes any longer for a remodel. They make them for when you put them in during new construction and then drywall over them but not after the fact. Therefore, my husband had to cut the corners off of the rectangular boxes so the fixture would fit around it without seeing the box ( if you have a fixture with a round box set in already this will not be an issue). Lastly, I noticed with these is the threading for the bulb being a little off which makes the bulbs slightly crooked. My husband said he may be able to fix it but he doesn’t think so. Out of this set, none had bubbles; but with the single one we purchased did. Hence, is why the 3 stars. Again, love the look just not worth the time and effort it took for four lights (total) to install.

M. Ambruch

These are beautiful lights but shortly after installing in my new kitchen, one glass shade mysteriously broke when no one was home. I tried to contact the company to purchase replacement shades, but customer service was no help at all. I decided to order a 2nd set so that I would have spare glass. When my builder opened the second box on 9/5 one of those shades were broken as well..... so now I have six fixtures but only four glass shades.... very disappointed

Stephanie Perez

Bigger than I expected, but has a really cool look!

Natalie Nielson

Exactly what I was looking for and what a great price!

Stephanie A.

Love the lights and have gotten tons of compliments on them!



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