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These looked so high quality, really easy to install and sit flush on the wall. The metal looks rich and fancy. It has such a clean aesthetic look. The gold were even more gorgeous


Absolutely love the turn out, great quality and the head moves in any direction which is a huge plus. Beware if installing as a plug in that the other reviews are correct - one set of screws are too long, one is too short! We ended up using the back for the hardwire instructions with the longer screws and solved by using the nut to tighten it solid to the wall, then add the cap. Added photos, hope this helps someone else! Other than that, it was pretty simple to install if you’re handy with the measuring tape and a pencil :)


Great lamp at an affordable price. I did a plug in option install. Wires from the plug chord need to be twisted together and capped. Then you mount the bracket with drywall anchors included with the set. Then align the screws on they bracket and twist the black finished caps to secure to the wall. It took me 15 minutes for each light. I bought a chord cover in black to avoid leaving the twisted wires exposed.


Beautiful sconces. Easy to install. We wired them through our headboard and plugged them into the wall behind it. They are bright considering the lamp shade is solid black, I like that the inside is white so that it reflects more light underneath. The switch works smoothly. I just love them a lot!! The only issue is that one had a slight dent at the top, but it's not noticable or cause to return.

Gabrielle Santiago

Perfect for rental properties.. just use cable covers to hide the cords. I'm an interior designer and I rarely have time to make my own home look stylish (a curse I know!) however, these bad boys definitely elevated my guest room to another level. I rent a townhome in LA so adding sconce light boxes were not an option. I've been searching for the perfect plug in sconce and major plus that the switch is located directly on the mount rather than the cord. ALL IN ALL FAB!

Mike H

Love these lamps. Easy to assemble. Shade actually turns and moves in any direction.


Simple clean design and contained all the parts needed to mount without hardwiring. Love the modern classic look and that the head moves to adjust lighting and that the on/off knob is on the wall plate. Exactly what we needed for our bedroom!


INSTRUCTIONS ARE EXTREMELY USELESS.BUT lamp does look good.Wired for plug in.Another review stated "You should also be aware that there is a small silver screw that pokes out at the top where the brass attachment is. Those screws don't seem to do anything."I'm not sure how they were able to attach the lamp to the wall compartment? I had to use them.I attached all the metal wall compartment first, then connected the ground, and then used the two black screws to attach the lamp.They also said the screws were too long or too short, I used the long screws and the lamp did not end up being flush to the wall. I was so frustrated I left it like that, doesn't look terrible (it's only a little bit separated from the wall) but I would suggest trying the shorter screws.Also, attached the ground wire to the two blue screws, but i'm unsure if that does anything at all. I feel like I might get shocked at some point.Probably did it wrong, but sending encouragement to anyone taking this on.


Exactly what we were looking for in our bedroom! They look great and were easy to install!

A Severance

I bought these to attach to a headboard I made. I did buy longer electrical cords, the ones that cam with it weren’t long enough, but they were easy to put together and install and they look great on the headboard. I think they give out a good amount of light for reading in bed.

Vanessa B

I love the style and price of these lamps. We used them to replace nightstand lamps in our bedroom. Obviously they're more difficult to hang if you are installing two because you need to make sure they are centered and leveled with each other. It was relatively easy to change them from hardwired into corded plug-in lights. The screws included for installation were questionable. There were two sets, one was too long and one was too short so we had to jerry-rig using washers to make sure the bases were snug against the wall. You should also be aware that there is a small silver screw that pokes out at the top where the brass attachment is. Those screws don't seem to do anything. I took them out, fill the holes left with putty and then painted it over with brass paint. Despite the small hiccups, I would buy these lights again in a second...they make me happy every evening as I turn them on to read before bed.


Theses lamps were purchased to replace older unattractive lamps. I love them. They work perfectly to fill my needs



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