Mason Jar Wall Sconce

Mason jar wall sconce lends a retro flair and industrial charm to your home decor. Claxy’s collection of lovely mason jar wall sconce can satisfy even the most fastidious shoppers.

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Mason jars are moulded glass jars that was traditionally used to preserve fruit or jam, named after the inventor John Landis Mason. Mason jar lights are a reproduction of the antique mason jars from the 1880’s. Mason jar wall sconce is a appealing addition to any room within your home with its vintage charm and furnish your walls with its perfect look of rustic style. It makes the perfect touch of shabby chic to your space and at the same time ooze lots of retro flair to your aesthetic. Whether standing alone, or evenly aligned in linear formation, mason jar wall sconce is striking and is sure to be a talking point in any home, restaurant or commercial setting. Whether you want to put it in your hallway, staircase area, kitchen, above the dining tables or meeting room tables, near the TV, pictures or painting,  it will complement your place with a soothing light that display peace and harmony in your house.