Industrial Wall Sconce

Industrial wall sconce is a good way to decorate your home with a functional yet fashionable lighting effect. Furnish your living space with our collection of industrial wall sconces on

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With a tough and rough style, industrial wall sconce adds a touch of edgy flair to any space within your home. They make a deliberate statement about the home’s overall décor scheme and draw visual inspiration from factories and the industrial art dynamic. From bare, exposed bulbs to curved metal and sometimes even caged shades and metal mesh, they makes it easy to add a punch of personality to your home’s lighting system. Industrial wall sconce placed on either side of the front door adds a little drama to your front step and aim to impress your guest. Contemporary industrial sconces flanking the bathroom mirror give proper light where you need it most. You might also find a favorable look by installing these wall sconces on either side of a large piece of artwork or on either side of the fireplace. This style of lighting tends to look nice on the outer edge of the home’s design elements.