Swing Arm Wall Lamps

Our exceptionally versatile swing arm wall lamps will brighten up your hallways, kitchen, bedroom, & study with surreal lighting & aesthetics. Get great deals on Claxy.

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Swing arm wall lamps are excellent task lights for reading, needlework and pounding out a few emails before you ready to call it quits for the night. These types of lights are most commonly seen in bedrooms, and used for reading or to complete other tasks from the comfort of a bed. However, being exceptionally versatile, they are not just limited to bedrooms. Swing arm lamps can be hung virtually at any height. They can be the perfect lighting solution when tabletop space is not available. Sure they are great at bedsides, but think of these lamps as plug in wall sconces that can move and you will open up lots of opportunities for yourself. We often see them used in kitchens, behind sofas, between bookshelves, over dressing tables, and even in bathrooms where serious task lighting may be needed but table space is hard to come by.

Generally crafted from metal, swing arm wall lamps include a hinged, extendable arm. These lights are highly adaptable, and can feature multiple adjustable components. When you just need a little light on the subject, a swing arm wall lamp solution is the best. The convenience of swing arm wall lights includes the ability to adjust it according to different heights and proximity while reading, sewing, or working on your computer. Perhaps you want to be able to work in a quiet corner without disturbing your partner or others in the room. With just a mounting base and a bracket, it can be easily installed on the wall. These are all good reasons to get swing arm wall lamps.